As the crossing point between Hokkaido and Honshu, railway travelers have been passing through this region for over a century. The nostalgic port town of Hakodate has an unusually East-meets-West rich cultural heritage that makes it one of Hokkaido’s most interesting cities. Onuma Quasi-National Park offers picturesque landscapes and relaxed vibe.


One of Japan’s first international trade ports opened in 1854, Hakodate is a romantic port town with an East-meets-West culture, historic buildings, lively markets, fresh seafood and coastal onsen. Motomachi district on a scenic hillside keeps a nostalgic atmosphere.

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Onuma Park & Around Hakodate

Rugged sea cliff, peaceful lakes, volcanic mountains and relaxing onsen, the region around Hakodate making for a popular excursion and also easily accessible from the shinkansen station. Onuma Quasi-National Park is Southern Hokkaido’s top resort that offers graceful holiday. The Kameda Peninsula, juts into the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Hakodate, is an unknown jewel to most international tourists.

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Matsumae & Hiyama

The spectacular coastal Oiwake Soran Line, stretch south from the Matsumae Peninsula to Hiyama Region, is the home of Hokkaido’s Japanese tradition and historical heritages dating back to the feudal period. Okushiri-to offers rugged headlands and pleasant beaches jutting into the clear ocean.

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