About 13km north from Esashi, Otobe (乙部) is popular in summer for its beach and that has attractive geographical features. Gennadai is Hokkaido’s only ‘the 100 best beaches in Japan’.


The chalk cliff of Tate-no-saki (館の岬), at the north side of the town center, is Otobe’s iconic symbol and called the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’. On a clear day, you can overlooking the scenic coastline and the fishing port from Miyanomori Park (宮の森公園) behind the town center.

Takise Coast (Shirafura)

滝瀬海岸 (シラフラ)

10min walk from Takise or Semonai bus stop

Down the road from nearby Takise or Semonai bus stop on Route 229, you will find Kuguri-iwa (くぐり岩) hole in the rock on your right. It was drilled for herring fishing in the Edo period. You can go through the hole and walk to the town center along the shallow shoreline. On the other hand, you can walk south to the white cliffed Takise Coast (also called Shirafura). Otherwise, you can see the coastline from Shirafura Observatory (シラフラ展望台).

Gennadai Kaihin Park


5min walk from Genna bus stop

Hokkaido’s most safest and pleasant ocean beach, Gennadai boasts clear water and well-equipped facilities. If you are not swimming, the nearby observation deck offers fantastic ocean views. About 200m north of Genna bus stop, you will find the Michi-no-eki Route 229 Gennadai (道の駅ルート229元和台).

Otobe Onsen Ikoi-no-yu ♨︎

おとべ温泉 いこいの湯

8min walk from Chomin-kaikan-mae bus stop

The public onsen Ikoi-no-yu is filled with carvings and paintings in the artistic bathrooms. Enter from the Korin-so (光林荘) adjoining the bathhouse.


Getting There


Hakodate Bus Hiyama-kaigan Line (檜山海岸線) runs to Otobe from Esashi Terminal (江差ターミナル) and Kumaishi (30min). If you visit the town from Hakodate or Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, change buses at Esashi-byoin-mae (江差病院前). Hiyama-kaigan Line stops at the following bus stops:

Takise (滝瀬): located near Takise Coast and Shirafura Observatory.

Semonai (瀬茂内): located at the gateway to Miyanomori Park, and not far from Takise Coast.

Otobe (乙部): the town’s main bus stop near the Eneos gas station on Fureai-dori street (one block north of Route 228).

Otobe-jujigai (乙部十字街): the town’s main crossroads near Idemitsu gas station.

Chomin-kaikan-mae (町民会館前): the nearest bus to Otobe Onsen.

Genna (元和): the nearest bus to Gennadai Kaihin Park.

Otobe-so-mae (おとべ荘前): in front of the Michi-no-eki Route 229 Gennadai.


Otobe Town Travel Guide
乙部町 観光・アクセス
Main attractions and events information.

Otobe bus stop

乙部 | 오토베

Address:Motomachi, Otobe-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:13km from Esashi