About 30km northeast of Hakodate faces the Uchiura Bay, Minamikayabe (南茅部) is home to the Jomon culture (2000 to 9000 years ago) and archaeological finds in Southern Hokkaido. The town’s two Jomon prehistoric sites are designated as a World Heritage.


Hakodate Jomon Culture Center


8min walk from Kakinoshima-iseki-shita bus stop 

Attached to the Michi-no-eki Jomon Roman Minamikayabe (縄文ロマン南かやべ) on Route 278 bypass beside Kakinoshima Site, this museum displays the ‘Clay Figure’ (41.5cm), Southern Hokkaido’s only national treasure, plus local excavated items and earthenwares in the Jomon period.

Kakinoshima Site


5min walk from Kakinoshima-iseki-shita bus stop 

Kakinoshima is one of Hokkaido’s largest Jomon prehistoric sites on a coastal terrace dating back to BC 7000. Excavated items are exhibited at the adjacent Hakodate Jomon Culture Center. Japanese-speaking free guided tours start at 10am, 1pm and 3pm (Apr-Oct). It is about a few minutes’ walk on a narrow slope from Kakinoshima-iseki-shita bus stop.

Ofune Site


10min walk from Ofune-iseki-shita bus stop 

Ofune was one of Southern Hokkaido’s largest settlements during the mid Jōmon period. More than 100 pit dwellings and 200,000 archaeological finds have been discovered here. Japanese-speaking free guided tours start at 10am and 1pm (Apr-Oct). It is several hundred meters up from Ofune-iseki-shita bus stop.



Hotel Hakodate Hirome-so ♨︎


2.9km from Ofune-onsen-shita bus stop / Take a free shuttle bus from Hakodate

One of the Kameda Peninsula’s most reputable onsen, this hidden riverside hotel is composed of two waters with different mineral properties (sulfur and sodium). Rooms are both Japanese- and Western-style. Meals are filled with local seafood, such as ika (squid). Free transfers from Hakodate are available (compulsory reservation).


Getting There


Minamikayabe-shisho-mae (南茅部支所前) is the area’s main bus stop at the branch office in Kakkumi (川汲) district.

From Hakodate Station bus terminal stop 6, buses 99 and 99A run to Minamikayabe-shisho-mae (73min), from where bus 99 heads west to Shikabe-shotchojo (鹿部出張所: 43min) via Kakinoshima-iseki-shita (垣ノ島遺跡下), Ofune-onsen-shita (大船温泉下) and Ofune-iseki-shita (大船遺跡下). Bus 99A heads east to Todohokke (椴法華支所前: 35min).

Getting Around


Buses 223 and 225 run between Shikabe-shotchojo and Furube (古部), via Kakinoshima-iseki-shita, Ofune-onsen-shita, Ofune-iseki-shita, Minamikayabe-shishomae, and Osatsube (尾札部).


Hakodate City Minamikayabe Branch Office
Latest information and events around Minamikayabe area.

Minamikayabe-shisho-mae bus stop

南茅部支所前 | 미나미카야베

Address:1520 Kakkumi-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:30km from Hakodate