Rugged sea cliff, Jomon archaeological sites, classic fishing villages, dramatic headlands and mountains, the area is designated as Esan Prefectural Natural Park that makes a worth-visiting another day trip from Hakodate. The highlight here is the active volcano E-san.




Kako-gen Car Park: 4km north of Esan-tozanguchi bus stop (1hr walk)

E-san (618m) is a singular active volcano on the eastern edge of Hakodate, and has been a sacred place from the past. There are three trails up it. Among them, we recommend driving (6am-6pm mid Apr-late Nov) or walking to Kako-gen car park sits at 300m, from where it is a 2.9km, 1.5 hours hike to the top. Hiking to the top from Esan-tozanguchi bus stop on the coast takes about 2.5 hours. 

Esan Fukushi Center ♨︎


25min walk from Esan-tozanguchi bus stop

After a day of hike, E-san’s only public onsen offers a simple indoor bath.

Esan Kaihin Park


1min walk from Natowa-Esan-mae bus stop

Something like Hokkaido’s Hawaii, this scenic seaside park along the Tsugaru Strait boasts gently curved sandy beach with a view of the Diamond Head-shaped volcano E-san. Strong currents prohibit swimming, but it is a good spot to surfing. Michi-no-eki Natowa-Esan (道の駅なとわ・えさん) inside the park has a shop and a seasonal restaurant. There is also a campsite (May-Sep)

Choshi Surf Beach


1min walk from Choshi bus stop / 20min walk from Todohokke-shisho-mae bus stop

One of Southern Hokkaido’s best surf spots about 1.5km north of Todohokke, Choshi has a scenic stretch of sand and consistent waves. Being in the gulf, it is sheltered from the surf. There is an American-style cafe nearby.



4.5km from Todohokke-shisho-mae bus stop

On the eastern tip of the Kameda Peninsula, Esan-misaki (not to be confused with Esan-Misaki bus stop) is Southern Hokkaido’s prettiest cape, framed by a pleasant lawn. There are two onsen around the lighthouse, and you can walk down Jusan-magari Trail from E-san crater basin. It is about a 4.5km, one-hour walk from Todohokke-shisho-mae bus stop.

Mizunashi Kaihin Onsen ♨︎


600m from Esan-misaki Hotel Cape

About 600m ahead of Esan-misaki, this mixed-gender rock onsen pool by the sea can be bathing at low tide (up to three times a day). It has changing facilities and you need to wear swim or bathing suit, especially busy seasons. Check out time schedule for bathing on the web before you go.



Hotel Cape ♨︎


4.5km from Todohokke-shisho-mae bus stop / Take a free shuttle bus from Hakodate

On the scenic Esan-misaki, Hotel Cape has a public onsen for nonguests, with an open-air bath and two different springs. It is best place to rest after climb down E-san. Guests can take a free shuttle bus from Hakodate (compulsory reservation).


Getting There


For Esan: From Hakodate Station bus terminal stop 6, buses 91 and 91A runs to Esan-Misaki (恵山御崎: 2hr), stopping at Toi (戸井: 70min), Natowa-Esan-mae (なとわ・えさん前), Hinohama-danchi (日ノ浜団地: 1hr 40min), Esan-tozanguchi (恵山登山口: 1hr 45min) and Esan.

For Todohokke: Buses 99A runs to Todohokke-shisho-mae (椴法華支所前: 1hr 48min), via Minamikayabe-shisho-mae (南茅部支所前), Furube (古部) and Choshi (銚子). 

Getting Around


Bus 91E connects Hinohama-danchi with Todohokke (12min).


Hakodate City Esan Branch Office
Latest information and events around Esan area.

Esan-tozanguchi bus stop

恵山登山口 | 에산 트레일헤드

Address:Esan-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:44km from Hakodate