In the upper reaches of the Hiyama Coast is the town of Setana (せたな or 瀬棚) in Kariba-Motta Prefectural Natural Park, which boasts rugged coastline, pleasant beaches and one of Japan’s clearest rivers (Shiribeshi-Toshibetsu-gawa). Ogino Ginko, the first licensed Japanese woman physician, opened the pediatric clinic here in 1897.




1min walk from Sanbonsugi bus stop

Just north of the town center is notable for its 30m-high Sanbonsugi-iwa (three seder rocks) lies just offshore from the shallow beach with a campsite. There are toilets, showers and restaurants. The beach is near Sanbonsugi bus stop.

Rissho-zan Park


7min walk from Sanbonsugi bus stop

Climb the hundreds of stairs beside Kotohira Jinja (shrine) for a bird’s-eye view, such as Kariba-yama and Okushiri-to, from the hilltop observatory on Rissho-zan (95m). The park has a travel village (seishonen ryoko-mura).

Setana Onsen Yasuragikan ♨︎


3min walk from Setana-onsen-mae bus stop

This public onsen is a good place to rest after a day of play or waiting for a bus.



Kur Plaza Pirika ♨︎


1min walk from Kur Plaza Pirika bus stop

This isolated mountain resort near Pirika Dam has its own backyard ski area overlooking the lake that is suited to beginners and intermediates. Rooms are basic Japanese-style, and there is a private lodge and an onsen. Meals are local ingredients.

Onsen Hotel Kitahiyama ♨︎


6min walk from Kitahiyama terminal

This excellent Western-style hotel offers clean rooms and colorful kaiseki cuisines using local ingredients. The Emperor Heisei stayed here when in town. An on-site onsen and a restaurant are open for day use to the public. It is 500m up the road from Kitahiyama bus terminal.

Kaitorima Onsen Awabi Sanso ♨︎

貝取澗温泉 あわび山荘

1min walk fromAwabi-sanso-mae bus stop

The Awabi Sanso, set on the leafy Kaitorima valley (in Taisei Ward), offers 100% natural onsen with open-air baths. There is a campsite next to the onsen.


Getting There


Hakodate Bus operates seven buses daily from Oshamanbe Station to Setana-shigai (1hr 30min) continue to Kami-Sanbonsugi (上三本杉), stopping at Pirika-Dam-mae (ピリカダム前), Imakane (今金), Kitahiyama (北桧山), Setana-onsen-mae (せたな温泉前), Setana-shigai (瀬棚市街) and Sanbonsugi (三本杉).

If you get off the bus at the Kur Plaza Pirika (クアプラザピリカ), ask the driver. When you catch a bus from the Kur Plaza Pirika, ask at the reception. Otherwise, it is about 700m south of Pirika-Dam-mae bus stop on Route 230.

There is a direct bus from Hakodate Station for Kami-Sanbonsugi (3.5hr) via Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, Yakumo Station, Imakane and Kitahiyama.

Kitahiyama Terminal (北桧山ターミナル) is the town’s main bus terminal (former train station) in Kitahiyama Ward.

Getting Around


From Kitahiyama Terminal, Hakodate Bus operates a few buses to Taisei-gakko-mae (大成学校前) via Miyano (40min).

Azuma Hire (東ハイヤー) operates demand-responsive buses between Central Setana (Setana-shigai or Setana Onsen Yasuragi-kan) and Sukki (須築), and between Kitahiyama and Udomari-danchi (鵜泊団地). The head office is right opposite Kitahiyama bus terminal.


Setana Tourist Association

Kitahiyama terminal

北桧山ターミナル | 기타히야마

Address:451-2 Kitahiyama-ku, Setana-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:53km from Oshamanbe