One of Japan’s first international trade ports opened in 1854 under the Kanagawa Treaty, Hakodate (函館) is a romantic port town with an East-meets-West culture, historic buildings, seafood markets and coastal onsen. Motomachi district on a scenic hillside keeps a nostalgic atmosphere.
We recommend you to spend two days in the city and admire a romantic night view from Hakodate-yama.




15min walk from Hakodate Station / 3min walk from Jujigai tram stop

At the foothills of Hakodate-yama overlooking the harbor, Motomachi is a lovely historic district with scenic slopes, Western-style buildings, museums, churches and temples. Jujigai tram stop in the Bay Area is the best place to explore the town.

Hakodate-yama & Yachigashira


2km west of Hakodate Station

The small mountain of Hakodate-yama boasts one of the world’s most beautiful night views, which looks like big wings across the sea. In the eastern area of the mountain, Yachigashira is a seaside town overlooking the Tsugaru Strait. You will find an onsen bathhouse, atmospheric shrine and scenic cape.



3km northeast of Hakodate Station

About 3km northeast of Hakodate Station, Goryokaku is home to Japan’s first Western-style, five-star-shaped fortress. It was deserted after the last battle of the Boshin civil war of 1869, but the remains of the fortress, such as water moats and stone foundation walls, has been transformed into a park.

Yunokawa Onsen ♨︎


5km east of Hakodate Station / 10min walk from Yunokawa-onsen tram stop

One of Hokkaido’s oldest and largest onsen resorts on the city’s eastern scenic coast, Yunokawa was used as a hydropathic for injured soldiers following the Boshin civil war. From summer through winter, you will see fantastic views of isaribi (squid fishing boats’ light) from the coastline.

Hakodate Morning Market


1min walk from Hakodate Station

Dating back to post-WWII as an open-air food market at the west side of the station, this tourist-friendly market is one of Hakodate’s top attractions. Wander past about 280 stalls selling fresh seafood from all over Hokkaido. There are also seafood restaurants, fruit and vegetable shops. Most stalls close by 2pm.

Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Mashu-maru


5min walk from Hakodate Station

The floating ship museum Mashu-maru was used as a Hakodate-Aomori train ferry from 1965 to 1988. It includes model ships, a steering gear room, ship’s re-create passenger rooms and history of the port. The ship’s whistle sounds at noon and 5pm.

Kanemori Red-brick Warehouse


15min walk from Hakodate Station

Japan’s first pedestrian street (developed in 1972) heading north from the train station, Kaimono Koen is lined with shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, as well as a hundred of bronze sculptures. Near the north end of the the street, you will find the Symbol Tower in the center of Tokiwa traffic circle.

Daimon Yokocho


6min walk from Hakodate Station

The food stalls complex of Daimon Yokocho is a popular night out spot, you will find small but reasonable izakaya, bars, sushi and ramen shops. Walk straight down from JR Hakodate Station along the tram line and turn left at the corner of the Wakamatsu-cho crossroads.

Hakodate Jiyu Ichiba


1min walk from Shinkawa-cho tram stop / 13min walk from Hakodate Station

Another place to purchase Hakodate’s high quality seafood, the Jiyu Ichiba is an attractive indoor food market just a short walk from Shinkawa-cho tram stop. There are also several eateries offers not only coffee but also seafood bowls and plates.



Hakodate Station Area, Motomachi and Yunokawa Onsen has a range of accommodation to suit every budget. Newly renovated hotels are growing recently.

JR Inn Hakodate


1min walk from Hakodate Station

The JR Inn is a convenient location next door to JR Hakodate Station north gate. It has Western-style rooms, communal baths and a lounge overlooking the harbor.

Premier Hotel – Cabin President – Hakodate


1min walk from Hakodate Station

Right across from JR Hakodate Station, the Premier Hotel’s newly renovated rooms are stylish and functional. On the 13th-floor, there is a night-view bar EsteLado overlooking the harbor.

Hakodate Danshaku Club
Hotel & Resorts


3min walk from Hakodate Station

One block south of the morning market is this resort hotel. All rooms have a kitchen, fridge, balcony and harbor-view bathroom. It is a good solution for long stay.


Getting There


From Tokyo: the Hokkaido Shinkansen Hayabusa runs hourly from Tokyo to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto (4hr), stopping at Sendai, Morioka and Shin-Aomori (1hr). The Hakodate Liner, timed to meet all the shinkansen, runs between Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto and Hakodate (15-20min).

From Sapporo: the limited express train Hokuto runs roughly every hour to Hakodate from Sapporo (3.5-4hr) via Noboribetsu.


Hakodate Station (函館駅前) bus terminal has a ticket office.

Highway bus Kosoku Hakodate-go (operated by Chuo Bus and Hokuto Kotsu) runs from Sapporo to Hakodate (5.5hr) continue to Yunokawa Onsen. There is also a night bus (operated by Hokkaido Bus) via Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Hakodate terminal. Compulsory reservation.


Hakodate Airport, about 8km east of the city center, has flights to Sapporo (New Chitose and Okadama), Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Okushiri.

Hakodate Teisan Bus operates frequent airport shuttles from Hakodate Station (20min). Hakodate Bus (IC cards and 1-day pass are available) operates the Goryokaku Tower & Trappistine Shuttle Bus from Hakodate Station (47min) via Yunokawa Onsen tram stop.


Ferry is the cheapest public transport between Hakodate and Aomori (3hr 40min) across the Tsugaru Strait. Hakodate is served by two ferry terminals. Fares will be raised in summer.

Seikan Ferry (青函フェリー) operates car ferries daily between Hakodate and Aomori. Fares are cheaper than the Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry.

Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry (津軽海峡フェリー) runs to Hakodate from Aomori and Oma (1.5hr) on the Shimokita Peninsula.

Getting Around

You can purchase the discount one- or two-day tram and bus passes at Hakodate Station’s tourist information center or on-board.


Hakodate-ekimae (函館駅前) tram stop is located in front of JR Hakodate Station. Trams run west to Hakodate Dock-mae (13min) and Yachigashira (13min) via Jujigai (6min), as well as Yunokawa (30min) via Goryokaku-koen-mae (17min).


Hakodate Bus (函館バス) operates the most local buses from the train station. The Motomachi & Bay Area Loop bus runs from Hakodate Station bus terminal stop 4. There are also seasonal buses to the top of Hakodate-yama.


Hakorin (はこりん) is the city’s electric-assist bike rental services. You can rent bikes at Kiralis Hakodate (キラリス函館) opposite Hakodate Station bus terminal. Reception is the souvenir shop Ezolis (えぞりす) on the ground floor.


Hakodate Tourist Information Center
On the ground floor of JR Hakodate Station. Convenient tourist information with brochures and transit passes.

Hakodate Station

函館 | 하코다테

Address:12 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:318km from Sapporo