On the eastern side of Koma-ga-take, Shikabe (鹿部 or しかべ) is a small coastal onsen town and the transit point for visit to the Kameda Peninsula from Onuma Park. The town is famous for its tarako (cod roe).


Shikabe Geyser Park ♨︎


1min walk from Michi-no-eki Shikabe Kanketsusen-koen bus stop 

The town’s main tourist attraction, Shikabe’s kanketsusen (geyser) inside the michi-no-eki is gushing hot-water up to 15-meter into the air every 10 minutes. Visitors can relax at the open-air ashi-yu (footbath). Enter from the michi-no-eki.

Michi-no-eki Shikabe Kanketsusen-koen


Inside Michi-no-eki Shikabe Kanketsusen-koen

You can purchase local seafood here and cook your own meal at the open-air hot streaming corner (free). There is also a fishermen’s food hall that serves tarako (cod roe) set meals.

Shikabe Onsen Ryokan Shika-no-yu ♨︎

鹿部温泉 旅館鹿の湯

1min walk from Shika-no-yu-mae bus stop

About a 6-minute walk from the michi-no-eki, the town’s oldest onsen ryokan Shika-no-yu has a public onsen with an open-air bath in the garden. Get off the bus at the Shika-no-yu-mae.



Onsen Ryokan Yoshi-no-yu ♨︎

温泉旅館 吉の湯

1min walk from Shika-no-yu-mae bus stop

Just a few minutes’ walk from the michi-no-eki, this Showa-style ryokan has tatami-mat rooms overlooking the fishing port. There is also a small communal onsen. Meals are local seafood banquets.


Getting There


JR Shikabe Station (鹿部駅) is about 7km northwest of the town center. Local trains run from Hakodate to Shikabe (1hr) on the JR Sawara Branch Line (砂原支線).


Shikabe-shutchojo (鹿部出張所) is the town center’s main bus stop. All buses for Shikabe stops at Shika-no-yu-mae (鹿の湯前), Michi-no-eki Shikabe Kanketsusen-koen (道の駅しかべ間歇泉公園), and Shikabe-cho-yakuba (鹿部町役場) at the town hall.

Hakodate Bus operates local buses to Shikabe-shuthojo from Hakodate Station (1hr 45min) via Onuma-koen Station (35min) or Minamikayabe-shisho-mae (37min).

Getting Around


Hakodate Bus 222 runs between JR Shikabe Station (鹿部駅前) and Shikabe-shutchojo (20min).


Shikabe Hot Springs Tourism Association
Latest information and events in Shikabe Town.

Shikabe Station

鹿部 | 시카베

Address:Honbetsu, Shikabe-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:41km from Hakodate