Okushiri-to (奥尻島) is Southern Hokkaido’s only inhabited island (84km in circumference) covered with serene beech forest. This island has a couple of tranquil beaches, scenic roads, fantastically-shaped rocks and heartwarming hospitality.




1km south from Okushiri ferry terminal

About 1km south of the ferry terminal, this 19.5m-tall, donut-shaped rock is Okushiri’s iconic symbolic lies just offshore and the most popular photo spot for all visitors. The rock is lit up in the evening.

Unimaru Park


3km south from Okushiri ferry terminal

About 3km south of the ferry terminal, this hillside park has a unique monument of uni (sea urchin) with good ocean views, especially after dark. If you are short-distance cycling from the town center, here is a good turnaround point.



1min walk from Sai-no-Kawara bus stop

At the northern end of Okushiri-to is the sacred coast Sai-no-Kawara on Inaho-misaki (稲穂岬). People visit mourning lost sailors or children, and they add stones to the countless cairns. There is a free campsite, with toilets, water and a restaurant.

Okushiri Tsunami Museum


1min walk from Okushiri-to Tsunamikan bus stop

At 10.17pm on 12 July 1993 the Southwest-off Hokkaido Earthquake struck this island with wave heights of a staggering 30m in the west coast and 198 lives were lost here. This museum tells the story in artifacts with 48 miniature models and a video presentation.

Kitaoi-misaki Park


1min walk from Kitaoi-misaki-koen bus stop

This scenic park has eight sculptures created by the ‘samurai artist’ Nagare Masayuki (1923-2018) around the circumference footpath. There is a small campsite (May-Oct) with a kitchen. The park is about 1km south of Kamuiwaki Onsen.

Kamuiwaki Onsen


1min walk from Kamuiwaki bus stop

Okushiri’s only public onsen has an ocean-view bathroom on the 2nd floor with fresh hot water. There is also an alternative bathroom on the ground floor.


Getting There


Okushiri Airport (奥尻空港) is on the southwestern coast of the island (about 2km from Aonae). There are flights from Hakodate and Sapporo.


Heartland Ferry (ハートランドフェリー) operates daily car ferries between Esashi and Okushiri (2hr 20min). Ferry services are often halt in winter. Seasonal ferry services to Setana no longer operates.

Getting Around


From Okushiri ferry terminal, Okushiri Municipal Bus (奥尻町有バス) run to Kamuiwaki (神威脇: 1hr), stopping at Unimaru Park (ask the driver), Aonae-ko-mae (青苗港前: 40min), Okushiri Airport (奥尻空港), Muen-jima-kaigan (無縁島海岸) and Kitaoi-misaki-koen (北追岬公園).

There are also buses to Nonamae (野名前: 24min), stopping at Yasedomari (東風泊), Miyatsu Okushiri-shogakko (奥尻小学校) and Sai-no-Kawara (賽の河原).

Raise your hand to get on anywhere except Central Okushiri and Aonae districts.


Okushiri Kanko Rent-a-Car (奥尻観光レンタカー) near the ferry terminal and Aonae Hire (青苗ハイヤー) offers rental cars and bikes.


Okushiri-to Tourist Information Center
Inside the ferry terminal. Stock up on brochures and bus schedules.

Okushiri ferry terminal

奥尻フェリーターミナル | 오쿠시리

Address:Okushiri, Okushiri-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:61km from Esashi