Located directly behind Motomachi district, Hakodate-yama (函館山) is known as one of the best places to see the night view spots in the world.
On the eastern side of Hakodate-yama feces the Tsugaru Strait, Yachigashira (谷地頭) is dotted with an atmospheric shrine, public onsen, park, museum and cape. It is within walking distance from Motomachi district.


Hakodate-yama Ropeway


10min walk from Jujigai tram stop

Climbing to the top of Hakodate-yama just three minutes, this ropeway is the best way to reach the observatory from Motomachi. The restaurants of the mountaintop observatory have spectacular views over the fantastic nightscape from the windows. There are hiking trails and seasonal buses back down, or you can consider explore Former Tsugaru Fort (旧津軽要塞).

Hakodate Park


2min walk from Aoyagi-cho tram stpp

One of Japan’s oldest urban parks opened in 1879, this ocean-view oasis was landscaped by volunteer citizen at the foot of Hakodate-yama. The park contains historic buildings, including the former city museums and the former city library. About 400 cherry trees bloom in early May, and they are lit up at night. There is also a small amusement park and a zoo.

Hakodate City Museum


Inside Hakodate Park

Established in 1879, this long-running city museum inside Hakodate Park showcases the varied collection of Hakodate and Hokkaido, including old coins, archaeological finds from the Jomon sites, old pictures, stuffed animals, specimen plants and historic materials.

Hakodate Hachiman-gu


5min walk from Yachigashira tram stop

Founded in 1445 and relocated here in 1880, this atmospheric shinto shrine at the foot of Hakodate-yama is surrounded by cryptomeria forest. The present buildings, which combines traditional Hachiman shrine structures, were built in 1915. It is a pleasant spot for a stroll from Hakodate Park.

Yachigashira Onsen


5min walk from Yachigashira tram stop

Hakodate’s most popular public onsen is the perfect place for a soak after stroll. It has large-scale indoor baths and a star-shaped open-air bath, with yellowish brown hot water. There is no shampoo and soap in the bathhouse, but you can get spa amenities (手ぶらセット) for additional charge including a towel, shampoo, soap, conditioner and hairbrush.



15min walk from Yachigashira tram stop

At the southeastern tip of Hakodate-yama is this scenic cape on a cliff, from where you can see the scenic coastline of Omori-hama and the Tsugaru Strait. Nanamagari Trail on Hakodate-yama begin near the cape. The car park is closed in winter (6am-8pm mid Nov-mid Mar; it can be reached on foot).


Getting There


Trams run southwest to Yachigashira (谷地頭), stopping at Jujigai (十字街), Horai-cho (宝来町) and Aoyagi-cho (青柳町). The last tram from Yachigashira to Yunokawa is at 10.08pm.


To the top of Hakodate-yama (函館山), bus 1 runs from Hakodate Station Bus Terminal stop 4 (30min; mid Apr-mid Nov) via the Meijikan-mae (明治館前). Otherwise, buses 2 and 3 run to Hakodate-yama Sanroku Station (山麓駅) at the base of the ropeway.

Bus 53 runs from Hakodate Station bus terminal stop 3 and Yachigashira-onsen (谷地頭温泉) via Hakodate-koen (函館公園).

Yachigashira tram stop

谷地頭 | 야치가시라

Address:25 Yachigashira-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:2.7km from Hakodate Station