The tranquil agricultural town of Assabu, about 12km northeast of Esashi, is Japan’s northern limit of hinoki-asunaro (thujopsis) forest. In the late 17th-century, Japanese woodmen came here from Aomori, and the Matsumae clan had direct control in the area. There are four rustic onsen around town.


Reku-no-mori Tsuchihashi Forest


5min walk from Reku-no-mori bus stop

Simply called the Reku-no-mori, this nature observation forest was a conservation hinoki-asunaro forest from the mid-Edo period by the Matsumae clan. From the information office (May-Oct), you can hike the trails criss-crossed the forest which takes about an hour.

Michi-no-eki Assabu


1min walk from Reku-no-mori bus stop

Built with local hiba trees, this roadside station on Route 227 near the town center has a reputable food market, restaurant and bakery. Four Assabu-themed interactive films are being screened in the Michi-no-eki Theater (free).

Assabu Historical Museum


10min walk from Assabu bus stop

This smart museum is in a gymnasium opposite the town hall, displaying historic artifacts and tools date back to the Edo periods, as well as items relating to Tate-jo, Japan’s last traditional-style fortress built in 1868 (early Meiji period).



Assabu Uzura Onsen Shiki-no-yado ♨︎

厚沢部うずら温泉 四季の宿

13min walk from Uzura-onsen-iriguchi bus stop / 20min walk from Uzura-gakko-mae bus stop

This Western-style rural property is a good sleeping option, with indoor baths and wooden saunas filled with local hiba trees. There is an on-site restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine using local ingredients. It is about 1km east of Uzura-onsen-iriguchi bus stop.

Gamushi Onsen Ryokan ♨︎


2.5km from Assabu bus stop

About 2.5km northeast of Central Assabu is this quiet ryokan in the countryside, spacious tatami-mat rooms, with indoor and open-air onsen. The staffs will pick you up from Assabu bus stop if you call ahead.

Ryotei Kuki ♨︎

旅庭 群来

5min walk from Ubagami-cho-Ferry-mae bus stop

Located at the gateway of Kamome-jima near Kaiyo-maru, Ryotei Kuki is Esashi’s most luxury and eco-friendly ryokan. All the spacious suites have its own private baths. Dinner is a creative kaiseki affair featuring delicacies from local farms and fishing ports.


Getting There


Assabu bus stop is located near the convenience store Seicomart on Route 227.

Reku-no-mori (レクの森), one stop west of Assabu, is the nearest bus stop of Tsuchihashi Forest and the michi-no-eki.

Hakodate Bus runs to Assabu from Hakodate (1hr 53min), stopping at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station (54min), Uzura-gakko-mae (鶉学校前) and Uzura-onsen-iriguchi (うずら温泉入口). There are also buses from Esashi Terminal (34min) via Nakauta-cho (20min).


Assabu Tourist Association
Inside the Michi-no-eki Assabu.

Assabu bus stop

厚沢部 | 앗사부

Address:Hon-cho, Assabu-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:58km from Hakodate