From the magnificent landscapes to the planned cities, Hokkaido is different from your image of Japan, this means the land has been developed in Western-style and risen fast in just 150 years. You will hear Ainu place names in many destinations. Snow-covered winter is a dream destination for skiers and photographers. Hokkaido is a continent-sized land of natural wonders.



Hokkaido’s prefectural capital in the Ishikari Plain, Sapporo encompasses dramatically different features, from the cosmopolitan city center to the scenic neighborhoods. The well-laid-out city center has a lot of green oasis, new skyscrapers and historic buildings, which makes a pleasant stroll.

Central Hokkaido, Otaru & Niseko

Central Hokkaido such a good distillation of all Hokkaido highlights, such as good onsen and international ski resorts, that can be visited in a few days. It is an easily explored region on a short schedule.

Southern Hokkaido & Hakodate

The nostalgic port town of Hakodate has an unusually East-meets-West rich cultural heritage that makes it one of Hokkaido’s most interesting cities. The region is the home of Hokkaido’s Japanese tradition.

Eastern Hokkaido, Tokachi & Kushiro

Majestic and beautiful, Eastern Hokkaido boasts no fewer than wilderness three national parks ideal for hiking, wildlife watching and getting into smoothing onsen.

Northern Hokkaido, Asahikawa & Furano

Northern Hokkaido offers more than 300km of grand mountain ranges and the scenic coastal roads. Further inland is the agricultural Furano Basin, with lovely countryside and ski resorts.