Halfway between Sapporo and Hakodate, this coastal town is a major rail junction on the JR Hakodate Line and the JR Muroran Line. For most travelers, Oshamanbe (長万部) is a launch or arrive point for trains to or from Niseko.
The town is famous for its kani-meshi (crab meat and rice). It also offers traveler-friendly shokudo and onsen to keep you amused between train connections.


Located behind the train station, Oshamanbe Onsen (長万部温泉) has a cluster of ryokan and open their baths for nonguests (around ¥500). Note that some ryokan are irregularly closed or privately booked.

Oshamanbe Town Museum


20min walk from Oshamanbe Station

Oshamanbe’s free museum has exhibits on the railway signals, uniforms, station signboards, tickets and models. It also contains some old household items and Ainu artifacts. The opposite side is the Peace Memorial Hall (平和祈念館) where displays the Hiroshima Panels and old buddha statues. In the front garden, there are a few sculptures carved by Hongo Shin. It is a short walk from Oshamanbe Onsen.

Oshamanbe Onsen Hotel


17min walk from Oshamanbe Station

This ‘hotel’ is a typical ageing ryokan, but it has a nostalgic public bath open regularly (closed 2nd & 4th Tue of month). There is a coin laundry and rental towels. It is a suitable place to rest when you get off the train.

Kanimeshi Honpo Kanaya


1min walk from Oshamanbe Station

Kanaya is the birthplace of nationally-famous kani-meshi (かにめし: crab meat and rice), it has been on sale as ekiben (駅弁: railway boxed meals) here and at the train station since 1950. You can eat ekiben at the on-site lounge with old train seats and free Wi-Fi. Closed Tue & 3rd Wed of month.


Getting There


All the limited express trains from Sapporo (2hr 20min) and Hakodate (1.5hr) stop at Oshamanbe. There are no regular limited express trains between Otaru and Oshamanbe on the JR Hakodate Line.

For Oshamanbe, local trains run from Otaru (3.5hr) via Kutchan (1.5hr), Hakodate (3hr), and Higashi-Muroran (1.5hr) via Toya (45min).

If you are traveling by local train on the JR Hakodate Line, require a change at Oshamanbe and you will spend at least some time.


Hakodate Bus makes several runs between JR Oshamanbe Station and Kami-Sanbonsugi (上三本杉), via Setana-shigai (瀬棚市街: 1hr 45min). There are also local buses between JR Hakodate Station and JR Oshamanbe Station (3hr).


Oshamanbe Tourist Association
長万部観光協会 · インフォまんべ
Inside JR Oshamanbe Station. Has a map, local mascot character Manbe-kun goods.

Oshamanbe Station

長万部 | 오샤만베

Address:Oshamanbe-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:112km from Hakodate