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札幌 | POPULATION 1,970,000

Hokkaido’s 150-year-old capital and Japan’s fifth-largest city, Sapporo is a spacious and laid-back place. With grand-scale parks, ski areas, relaxed onsen and varied museums popping up around the city. Visitors enjoy Hokkaido-style dining scene, drinking options and lively festivals throughout the year.


Sapporo Station Area

Strolling and shopping around Hokkaido’s largest transport hub.

Odori Park
& Sosei-gawa East

Walking across Sapporo’s most famous park.

& Nakajima Park

Wandering through the neon streets, temples and cultural places.

Maruyama Park
& Moiwa-yama

Taking in the view of Sapporo from the scenic mountains.

Jozankei Onsen
& Southern Sapporo

It is well worth a day trip or an overnight from Sapporo for a relaxing.

Nopporo Forest Park
& Eastern Sapporo

Learning about Hokkaido’s nature and history in this sprawling forest park.

Moerenuma Park
& Northern Sapporo

Soaking up the art scene.

Toyohira & Hitsujigaoka

Has good sports facilities and scenic places around the residential area.

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