Shin-Sapporo (新札幌), simply called Shinsatsu to locals, is a compact transport hub on the JR Chitose Line and the Tozai subway line. There are some family-oriented shopping malls and attractions within a short walking distance from the station. It is also a good location to visit Nopporo Forest Park, Hokkaido Museum and Hokkaido Ball Park.


Sunpiazza Aquarium


4min walk from Shin-Sapporo Station

Attached to the Sunpiazza shopping mall, this indoor aquarium has some 200 species of fish in tanks. You can see the feedings every hour on Sunday.

Sapporo Science Center


5min walk from Shin-Sapporo Station

Opposite the Sunpiazza Aquarium, this science center houses more than 300 hands-on exhibits and permanent collection for kids. There is also a planetarium. It will be closed for repairs until 2024.

Nopporo Forest Park


20min by bus from Shin-Sapporo Station

Fringing the eastern edge of Sapporo, this 2000-hectare prefectural forest park is home to the Hokkaido Museum and the Historical Village of Hokkaido. There are 14 hiking routes through the park.



There are a few foreigner-friendly hotels just a short walk from Shin-Sapporo Station.

Hotel Emisia Sapporo


3min walk from Shin-Sapporo Station

This 32-story hotel offers good suburban views from Western-style rooms and a top-floor restaurant, plus the pleasant basement spa and sauna. Buffet breakfast using local ingredients.

Shin-Sapporo Arc City Hotel


1min walk from Shin-Sapporo Station

A very accessible hotel inside the Arc City shopping complex, on the same floor of JR Shin-Sapporo Station. It has 135 simple rooms and a 24-hour convenience store. Affordable lunch is popular with locals.

La’gent Stay Shin-Sapporo


5min walk from Shin-Sapporo Station

Opened in 2023, Shin-Sapporo’s newest hotel has functional rooms and communal baths. There is also a casual Italian restaurant. It is directly connected to both the JR and subway stations.


Getting There


From Shin-Sapporo Station (新札幌) on the JR Chitose Line, the rapid trains run to New Chitose Airport (28min), Sapporo (9min) and Otaru (45min). All the limited express trains to/from Sapporo also stop here.


The Tozai Line runs to Shin-Sapporo (新さっぽろ) from Odori (19min) in Central Sapporo.

Getting Around


Shin-Sapporo bus terminal (新札幌バスターミナル) is connected to the train station. The JHB Ticket Center (ジェイ・アール北海道バス チケットセンター) on the basement of the DUO-1 sells the JR Bus tickets and pass.

JR Bus 22 runs from Shin-Sapporo Station bus terminal stop 10 to Kaitaku-no-mura (開拓の村: 20min) via JR Shinrin-koen Station (east gate), Nopporo-Shinrin-koen (forest park) and the Hokkaido Museum. JR Passes are available to use.

For Hokkaido Ball Park (F Village), daily shuttle buses run from Shin-Sapporo Station exit 2 (25min).


Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo City
Shin-Sapporo is the center of Atsubetsu Ward.

Shin-Sapporo Station

新札幌 | 新さっぽろ | 신삿포로

Address:2-5 Atsubetsu-chuo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:10.9km from Sapporo Station