Northern Sapporo on the green belt contains some excellent photogenic parks that make good day trips from the city center: Moerenuma-koen, Yurigahara-koen and Sapporo Satoland. The pleasant waterfront district of Barato boasts a family-oriented spa complex.


Moerenuma Park


24min by bus from Kanjo-dori-higashi Station, get off at Moerenuma-koen-higashi-guchi

Designed by the famous Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, this grand-scale park was completed in 2005 on a former landfill by the crescent-shaped swamp of Moere-numa. The artificial mountains form geometric shapes in the grounds, among them Moere-yama (62m) is the largest mountain. The sophisticated Glass Pyramid is a base of explore the park.

Sapporo Satoland


10min walk from Moerenuma Park or Toyohata bus stop

Sapporo Satoland is a 74-hectare agricultural theme park close to Moerenuma Park with flower gardens, playgrounds and the Jomon site. The Milk-no-Sato is home to the daily company Satsuraku (サツラク), where you can watch the dairy products factory (29 Apr-3 Nov), savor dairy goodies and buy milk and yogurt.

Yurigahara Park


4min walk from Yurigahara Station

One of Sapporo’s best flower parks feature 6400 plant species, including 70 species of yuri (lily) and 600 species of alpine plants. During the green season, you can stroll the World Gardens (late Apr-early Nov) and take the Lily Train (late Apr-late Oct) runs around the park. Yurigahara Green Centerhas a small conservatory where various flowers bloom all-year round.



Chateraise Gateau Kingdom Sapporo Hotel & Spa Resort ♨︎


40min by free shuttle bus from JR Sapporo Station north gate

At the northern edge of Sapporo on the bank of Barato-gawa, this grand-scale spa complex offers a variety of indoor pools, with three slides and playgrounds. Open-air pools are open in summer. The onsen has nine tubs, which include open-air and ceramic baths.

Sapporo Sunplaza


2min walk from Kita-nijuyojo Station, exit 1

One block west of Kita-nijuyojo Station on the Nanboku subway line, this hotel has convenient for access to Maeda Forest Park, and rooms are great value. The hotel is part of Sapporo Sunplaza complex with a 25m-long swimming pool, a restaurant and a cafe.

Untapped Hostel


1min walk from Kita-juhachijo Station, exit 2

Just a short walk from Kita-juhachijo Station on the Nanboku subway line, this renovated hostel has comfy dormitories and private rooms with a shared kitchen. There is also a restaurant and a bookstore. You can easily walk to Hokkaido University.


Getting There


The JR Gakuen-toshi Line runs from Sapporo through Tobetsu (40min) to Hokkaido-iryo-daigaku, stopping at Yurigahara (百合が原) and Ainosato-kyoikudai (あいの里教育大).


The Nanboku Line runs to Asabu (麻生). The Toho Line runs to Sakaemachi (堺町), stopping at Kanjo-dori-higashi (環状通東), Motomachi (元町) and Shindo-higashi (新道東).


From late April to early November, Chuo Bus goes directly to Moerenuma Park from Odori Bus Center (bus 6; 35min) and Sapporo Beer Museum (bus 68; 38min) on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.

Getting Around


Chuo Bus 69 runs to Ainosato-kyoikudai Station (あいの里教育大駅前) from Kanjo-dori-higashi Station (41min), via Toyohata (豊畑) and Moerenuma-koen-higashi-guchi (モエレ沼公園東口: 24min).

Kanjo-dori-higashi Station

環状通東 | 간조도리히가시

Address:Honbetsu, Shikabe-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:3.2km from Sapporo Station


北海道 札幌 旅遊觀光 飯店住宿 | 홋카이도 삿포로 여행 호텔 | การเดินทางซัปโปโร