About 15km southwest of Sapporo on Route 230, Fujino (藤野) is a busy and compact town surrounded by the mountains. The highlight here is Fu’z Snow Area, which has a facility for luge and skeleton.
About 4km east of Jozankei, Koganeyu (小金湯) is a tiny riverside onsen village about 200m off Route 230. There are several orchards and a winery at the foot of Hakken-zan.


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Fu’s Snow Area


6min walk from Fujino 4-11 bus stop / 11min walk from Fujino 3-11 bus stop

This small ski area offers the cheapest lift tickets in Sapporo. There are six different levels of slopes; the longest run is 1800m, the steepness slope is 38-degree and the vertical drop is 313m. There is a restaurant and full equipment rental is available. From Makomanai Station, a 30-minute free shuttle bus ride takes you to the ski area.

Sapporo Pirika Kotan


4min walk from Koganeyu bus stop

Located in Koganeyu Onsen, the Ainu culture promotion center of Pirika Kotan (meaning ‘beautiful village’) houses 300 restored collection of hands-on artifacts, cloths and tools. An open-air garden has reconstructed chise (traditional houses).

Yumoto Koganeyu


4min walk from Koganeyu bus stop

Opposite Sapporo Pirika Kotan, this stylish onsen has cozy indoor and open-air baths, with cleanness sulfur water. There are also three family baths. Combined towel and yukata set is available for rent. The facilities include a Japanese restaurant, cafe and resting room. To Yumoto Koganeyu, daily free shuttle buses run from in front of Makomanai Station.



R230 Guesthouse

R230 ゲストハウス

2min walk from Fujino 3-11 bus stop

Located on Route 230 in Fujino near Fu’s Snow Area, this roadside guesthouse offers very simple and reasonable rooms, with shared facilities and a cafe. You can hire recreational vehicle (camping car) and motorcycle here.



5min walk from Koganeyu bus stop

Right behind Sapporo Pirika Kotan, Matsu-no-yu boasts open-air baths on the riverside. It is especially attractive during autumn-foliage and snow seasons.

Hotel Shikanoyu


1min walk from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

One of Jozankei’s best onsen hotels facing Toyohira-gawa, the well-established Shikanoyu offers riverside indoor and open-air baths, with mineral-rich water. It also has Finnish saunas. A free shuttle bus runs from JR Sapporo Station north gate (compulsory reservation).


Getting There


Local lines are operated by Jotetsu Bus (じょうてつバス).

From Sapporo Station (stop 26): buses 7J, 7H, and 8J (via Ishiyama-chuo: 石山中央) runs to Jozankei (70min) via Fujino 3-11 (藤野3条11丁目), Koganeyu (小金湯), and bus 7H continues to Hoheikyo-onsen (1hr 24min). There are also buses 7 and 8 to Toyotaki (豊滝: 1hr).
The express bus Kappa Liner (かっぱライナー) runs from Sapporo Station stop 27 to Hoheikyo Onsen (1hr) via Jozankei and Koganeyu. From May to October, the liner bus stops at Hakkenzan-chuo-guchi (八剣山中央口) and Hakkenzan-minami-guchi (八剣山南口). Reservation recommended.

From Makomanai Station (on the Nanboku subway line): bus 12J runs to Jozankei (40min) via Koganeyu, and bus 12 runs to Fujino 4-11 (藤野4条11丁目: 24min).

Koganeyu bus stop

小金湯 | 고가네유

Address:Koganeyu, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:22km from Sapporo