One of Japan’s legendary nightlife districts, Susukino (すすきの) has thousands of eating and drinking options, crowded with cheerful drinkers and hostesses at evening. From west to east there are buddhist temples dating back to the 19th-century when Susukino was first developed.


Susukino Crossing


1min walk from Susukino Station

The grand-scale Susukino Crossing at the tram stop is highly photogenic night spot and the Nikka whisky sign is the most famous. The colorful neon lights are impressive after dark.

Naritasan Shin’ei-ji


8min walk from Susukino Station

Established in 1885 as a branch temple of Naritasan Shinsho-ji in Chiba Prefecture, Shin’ei-ji has a brilliant and splendid main hall (rebuilt in 2003). The Ogoma (sacred fire ceremony for Fudo) is held every morning. The Komyo-den is a marvelous hall on the underground that houses countless Buddha statues, you can go down the stairs from an indoor temple shop.



7min walk from Susukino Station / 2min walk from Hosui-Susukino Station

Chuo-ji serves Hokkaido’s headquarters of the Sōtō sect, with its splendid Hon-do (main hall) decorated with gold ornaments. At its entrance stands the wooden San-mon and a pair of Nio Guardians. Enter the Hon-do from the temple office on the right.



6min walk from Susukino Station / 1min walk from Hosui-Susukino Station

Established in 1884, this temple serves Hokkaido’s headquarters of the Jodo sect. The Amida Buddha statue is said to be curved in the 12th-century (late Kamakura period) and relocated from Kyoto’s Jokoku-ji in 1964 when the current temple hall was completed.

Toyokawa Inari Sapporo Betsuin


6min walk from Susukino Station

A branch shrine of Toyokawa Inari in Aichi Prefecture, Sapporo Betsuin was established in 1898 and has a small main hall. Don’t miss the seasonal goshuin (red ink stamp).

Sapporo City Archives


4min walk from Hosui-Susukino Station

In an old school building a few minutes’ walk south of Hosui-Susukino Station, Sapporo’s archives hall has a small galleries with vintage photos, maps and postcards. Check out the documents for the cancelled 1940 Sapporo Winter Olympics.



Mercure Hotel Sapporo


3min walk from Susukino Station / 1min walk from Hosui-Susukino Station

A modern French chain hotel with refined rooms, facing Route 36 close to the Susukino Crossroads. On-site restaurant serves French cuisine featuring local ingredients.

Sapporo Tokyu Rei Hotel


1min walk from Susukino Station, exit 4

Just a short walk from Susukino subway station and tram stop, this large-scale hotel is one of the best locations in Susukino area. Restaurant serves wine dining and breakfast buffet.

Ishikari-no-yu Dormy Inn Premium Sapporo


7min walk from Susukino Station, exit 2

Situated on the Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade block 6 makes up for good service for guests such as public bath and seafood breakfast.


Getting There


Susukino is about a 20-minute walk south of JR Sapporo Station. The underground walkway connects Sapporo Station with Susukino Station via Odori Station.


The Nanboku Line stops at Susukino, two stops south of Sapporo. The Toho Line stops at Hosui-Susukino, about 300m east of Susukino Station on Route 36.

Getting Around


The tramloops north and south from Susukino.


Rental road bikes are available at Hana Cycle Club (花サイクルクラブ). The office is on the 3rd floor of Sapporo Civic Activities Center Seien (市民活動プラザ星園) behind Sapporo City Archives. Reservation required three days in advance.

Susukino Station

すすきの | 薄野 | 스스키노

Address:South 4 West 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:1.2km from Sapporo Station