On the eastern bank of Sosei-gawa (創成川イースト), Central Sapporo’s eastern neighborhoods have a more human scale with a few old factories, markets and houses.


Sapporo Factory


4min walk from Buc-Center-mae, exit 8

Located at the site of former Sapporo Beer Brewery founded in 1876, this large-scale shopping complex boasts the big atrium, cinema complex, eateries, and the red-brick Renga-kan with the microbrewery of Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer (札幌開拓使麦酒).

Former Residence of Nagayama Takeshiro


1min walk from Sapporo Factory

Immediately outside the Sapporo Factory, this Japanese-Western eclectic building was first built as a residence of Nagayama Takeshiro (director of Hokkaido’s agricultural soldiers) in 1877. In the early Showa period, the Mitsubishi mining company added a green dormitory. You can see the atmospheric interior at the lovely cafe.

Nijo Market


5min walk from Odori Station, exit 35

At the eastern end of Tanukikoji shopping arcade across Sosei-gawa is this old-time market dates back to the Meiji period, with a number of seafood stalls and eateries. You will find (a bit pricey) crabs, salmon, sea urchin, sushi and kaisen-don (海鮮丼: seafood bowls). There are also vegetable and fruit stalls.



Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo ♨︎


10min walk from Sapporo Station

This towering hotel along Sōsei-gawa has two buildings: the 22-story Vienna-themed main building with a communal onsen (extra charge), and the 12-story nature-themed south building. The main building starts on the 16th floor, meaning all rooms have downtown views. It is in the big office building opposite Sapporo Sōsei Square.

Fairfield by Marriott Sapporo


3min walk from Hosui-Susukino, exit 1

One block south of Nijo Market along Sosei-gawa, Sapporo’s only Marriott hotel has contemporary Western-style rooms, a free fitness center and a Swedish-style cafe. Breakfast is served at the restaurant Luonto facing the inner courtyard.

Hotel Hashimoto


5min walk from Odori Station, exit 35

A short walk from Nijo Market, this long-running hotel looks a little dated but has fine budget Japanese- and Western-style rooms. There are washing machines, an affordable restaurant a male-only communal bath. Odori Bus Center is one block north of the hotel.


Getting There


Sosei-gawa East is easily accessible from Odori and Bus-Center-mae Stations on the Tozai Line.


From Sapporo Station, JR Bus 1 for Shin-Sapporo stops at Sapporo Factory (札幌ファクトリー) on Route 12. Japan and Hokkaido rail passes are available.

Getting Around


Chuo Bus loop 88, which travels the city center, leaves from Tokyu department store south gate in front of Sapporo Station between 7am and 11pm. Bus 88 stops at Sapporo Factory, Sapporo Beer Garden, Bus Center, Odori Park and Tokeidai-mae (in front of the Clock Tower).

Bus-Center-mae Station

バスセンター前 | 버스센터마에

Address:South 1 East 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:1.2km from Sapporo Station