Moiwa-yama (藻岩山), just 5km southwest of the city center along the tramline, offering breathtaking views over Sapporo, especially after dark. This preserved leafy mountain can be climb by ropeway, car or foot. There is also a scenic ski areas.


Sapporo Moiwa-yama Ropeway


10min walk from Ropeway-iriguchi tram stop

The most popular way to reach the summit of Moiwa-yama (531m) is take the ropeway (5min) and the mini cablecar (100 seconds). You can get a discounted coupon for the ropeway and the mini cable car on the tram. During warmer months, you can hike down to the town from the summit, such as Asahigaoka Park (4km).

Sapporo Waterworks Museum


10min walk from Ropeway-iriguchi tram stop

Inside Sapporo’s first water purification plant (built in 1937) at the foot of Moiwa-yama, this family-oriented museum focuses on the history and waterworks of Sapporo. Free guided tours take you to the working water purification plant. The fountain square has good views of the city.

Sapporo Mt Moiwa Ski Resort


15min by bus from Makomanai Station

On the south side of Moiwa-yama, this ski-only resort (snowboarding is not allowed) has 10 family-friendly terrains with excellent city views. Gear rental and lockers are available at the lodge M’s Norte on the northern slope (北斜面). To the northern slope, take a shuttle bus from Makomanai Station on the Nanboku subway line.


Getting There


From the city center (Susukino or Nishi-yonchome), the tram stops at Ropeway-iriguchi (28min), and is the best choice for Moiwa-yama Ropeway.


In the evening, JR Bus 50 runs to Moiwa-yama Ropeway from JR Sapporo Station (37min). JR passes are available for use.

Getting Around


From Moiwa-yama Ropeway bus stop, JR Bus 11 runs to Maruyama-koen Station’s bus terminal (13min), stopping at Fushimi-cho-Takadai (伏見町高台) and Sakaigawa (界川). JR passes are available for use.

Ropeway-iriguchi tram stop

ロープウェイ入口 | 로프웨이 이리구치

Address:South 19 West 15 Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:4.6km from Susukino