At the southern end of the Nanboku subway line, Makomanai (真駒内) is a transport hub for buses to Sapporo Art Park, Takino Susuzan Hillside Park and Jozankei Onsen. It is known as the birthplace of American- and Danish-style livestock farming in Hokkaido.


Makomanai Park


20min walk from Makomanai Station / 1min walk from Kami-machi 1 bus stop

In 1972 many events of the Winter Olympics were contested at Makomanai Park. Used for the figure-skating events at the Olympics, Makomanai Ice Arena at the north side of the park offers public skating (late Dec-late Feb) and has skates available to rent. There are also 3km-long paths in the former Makomanai breeding farm (85-hectare). 

Sapporo Salmon Museum


3min walk from Makomanai-Kyogijo-mae bus stop / 8min walk from Moiwa-koko-mae bus stop

At the northern edge of Makomanai Park, this small museum has 20 species of salmon in tanks and an open-air pond. An annex hall displays of aquatic creatures of Sapporo.

Edwin Dun Memorial Hall

エドウィン · ダン記念館

8min walk from Makomanai Station

Housed in the old Makomanai breeding farm office building, this Western-style hall (built in 1880) exhibits on American agricultural advisor Edwin Dun’s achievements, plus oil paintings and photos of the breeding farm. The memorial park is a pleasant for a stroll. 

Ishiyama Ryokuchi Park


6min by bus from Makomanai Station, get off at Ishiyama-higashi 3

Halfway between Makomanai and Sapporo Art Park on Route 453, the local sculptor group CINQ  has transformed this old quarry into an artistic park with a plenty of stone sculptures, such as the spiral spring and the colosseum-style mound. From May to early November, sculptures are lit up until 9pm.

Sapporo Art Park


18min by bus from Makomanai Station, get off at Geijutsu-no-mori-iriguchi or Geijutsu-no-mori Center

On a hillside setting, Sapporo Art Park (Geijutsu-no-mori) is a complex of modern art, ateliers and theaters. The main attractions here is Sapporo Sculpture Garden with 74 impressive works by Japanese famous artists. At the north side of the park, Sapporo Art Museum houses changing exhibition of contemporary art, anime and cinema related to Hokkaido. The Craft Hall features permanent and changing exhibits of crafts, potteries, textiles and glasswares.

Takino Suzuran Hillside Park


32min by bus from Makomanai Station, get off at Suzuran-koen-higashi-guchi

This magnificent hillside oasis is a great playground for groups and families. The paid area has various playground equipment, flower gardens, observatories and footpaths. About 1km west of Keiryu-guchi gate along Atsubetsu-gawa, you will reach the 26m-high Ashiribetsu-no-taki (アシリベツの滝), one of Japan’s 100 Famous Falls and it turns into the icefalls in winter.



If you are seeking respite from the busy city center of Sapporo, there are mid-range public inns around Makomanai.

Hokkaido Youth Center Compass


20min walk or 8min by bus from Makomanai Station

Perched on a quiet hill not far from Makomanai subway station, the prefectural youth center Compass has basic Western-style rooms and bunk bed dorms. There is also a gymnasium, swimming pool. On-site restaurants offers good views of Sapporo.

Sapporo City Hoyo Center Komaoka


8min by bus from Makomanai Station

Surrounded by the leafy mountain forest, this reputable barrier-free accommodation has Western- and Japanese-style rooms, with an indoor communal bath. Several footpaths start from here (for Makomanai Station, Sapporo Art Park, Makomanai Park etc).

Geimori W-Awesome


13min walk from Geijutsu-no-mori Center bus stop

About 1km south of Geijutsu-no-mori Center bus stop is this isolated outdoor hotel inside Sapporo Art Park. You can choose your place to stay from among tiny hotels, cabins, permanent tent sites and forest tent sites.


Getting There


The Nanboku Line runs to Makomanai from Sapporo (18min), stopping at Hiragishi, Minami-Hiragishi, Sumikawa and Jieitai-mae. 


From Sapporo Station (bus stop 26), Jotetsu Bus 7/7H/7J (for Jozankei or Hoheikyo) runs on Route 230, stopping at Moiwa-koko-mae (藻岩高校前: 30min) near Makomanai Park and Sapporo Salmon Museum. Jotetsu Bus 8J also runs to Jozankei via Ishiyama-chuo (石山中央) near Ishiyama Ryokuchi Park.

Getting Around


Local lines from Makomanai Station are operated by Chuo Bus (中央バス) and Jotetsu Bus (じょうてつバス).

Chuo Bus: From Makomanai Station stop 2, buses run to the following destinations via Ishiyama-higashi 3 (石山東3丁目) and Geijutsu-no-mori-iriguchi (芸術の森入口). Note that Chuo Bus One-day Pass is not available.

101: Soranuma-Futamata (空沼二股) or Soranuma-Tozanguchi (空沼登山口)
106: Suzuran-koen-higashi-guchi (すずらん公園東口), stopping at Keiryu-guchi (渓流口) and Chuo-guchi (中央口) in Takino Suzuran Hillside Park
107: Geijutsu-no-mori Center (芸術の森センター)
108: Makomanai-Takino-reien Hill (真駒内滝野霊園) of the Buddha (頭大仏)

Otherwise, Chuo Bus 92 runs to the Hoyo Center Komaoka (保養センター駒岡: 8min) from Makomanai Station stop 3. Chuo Bus One-day Pass is available.

Jotetsu Bus: bus 84 runs to Seishonen-kaikan-mae (青少年会館前) at Hokkaido Youth Center Compass from Makomanai Station stop 15 (8min). Buses 90, 95-98 runs for Makomanai-kyogijo-mae (真駒内競技場前) via Kami-machi 1 (上町1丁目) near Makomanai Park.


Minami Ward, Sapporo City

Makomanai Station

真駒内 | 마코마나이

Address:Makomanai, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:9km from Sapporo Station