Surrounding by the forested mountains and cut through by Toyohira-gawa’s scenic gorge, Jozankei (定山渓) is Sapporo’s closest onsen resort in the northern part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park.
The area has wonderful open-air baths, picturesque dams, orchards and ski resorts, particularly fall foliage makes the colorful backdrop. It is well worth a day trip or an overnight stay from Sapporo.


Jozankei Onsen has three free ashi-yu (足湯: footbaths): Jozan Gensen Park (定山源泉公園) near Hotel Shikanoyu is the largest one. Most hotels open their attractive baths for nonguests around ¥1500. The onsen town along Toyohira-gawa is easily walkable.

Iwato Kannon-do


1min walk from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

This mountainside temple is dedicated to died Jōzankei–Otaru road workers and enshrines 33 statues of kannon (Buddhist deity of mercy) in a 120m-long artificial cave drilled in 1936. There is also a free ashi-yu (footbath).

Jozankei Futami Park


3min walk from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

The upstream of Toyohira-gawa, you will find Futami-tsuribashi (二見吊橋) suspension bridge overlooking Kappa-buchi (かっぱ淵) gorge. It is lit up in the evening from June to October. Jozankei Nature Luminarie is held from June to October, and the riverside promenade is illuminated by projection mapping at night (this event is exclusive to Jozankei’s hotel guests, bring the admission ticket).

Jozankei Dam


25min walk from Jozankei-ohashi bus stop

About 1.5km north of Jozankei Onsen along the scenic gorge, this 117m-high dam was completed in 1989 and open to the public. At the foot of the dam, you can tour inside the dam structure and see Jozankei Dam Museum (定山渓ダム資料館). From the museum, some 460 steps that take you to the top of the dam overlooking the lake.

Hoheikyo Onsen


1min walk from Hoheikyo bus stop

One of Sapporo’s best onsen offer the grand-scale open-air baths, with 100% free-flowing sulfur water and the mountain views. There is also an Indian restaurant. From mid June to mid October, it is offering canoeing tours a group of two or more people.

Hoheikyo Dam


3km south of Hoheikyo Onsen

This 102.5m-high arch dam is situated in the deep valley of Hoheikyo and a picturesque place for viewing the autumn leaves in mid October. Hybrid electric buses run to the dam from the car park (about 3km south of Hoheikyo Onsen). Closed 4 Nov-30 Apr.

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Sapporo Kokusai Ski Area


24min by bus from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop / 1.5hr by bus from Sapporo Station

Sapporo Kokusai has seven slopes cater to all levels with gorgeous mountain and ocean views. If you don’t ski here, the Sky Cabin gondola takes you to the highest elevation of 1100m. There is a cafe at the top of the gondola station. The season is mid November to early May. Full equipment rental is available.



Jozankei’s most onsen accommodation are not cheap, but you can expect extensive facilities, services and dining options. Some hotels offer free shuttles from the city center. We recommend you book early on.

Hotel Shikanoyu


1min walk from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

One of Jozankei’s best onsen hotels facing Toyohira-gawa, the well-established Shikanoyu offers riverside indoor and open-air baths, with mineral-rich water. It also has Finnish saunas. A free shuttle bus runs from JR Sapporo Station north gate (compulsory reservation).

Nukumori-no-yado Furukawa

ぬくもりの宿 ふる川

1min walk from Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

Hospitality staff, the heartwarming inn Furukawa features pleasant bathrooms and public spaces. A free shuttle bus runs from Odori West 1 opposite Sapporo TV Tower (compulsory reservation).

Suizantei Club Jozankei


5min walk from Jozankei-ohashi bus stop

Jozankei’s most contemporary Japanese-style inn has luxurious rooms with private onsen. Dining serves Kaiseki cuisine using local ingredients. Prices include free drinks at the bar. A free shuttle bus runs from Odori West 5 Showa building (compulsory reservation).


Getting There


Local lines are operated by Jotetsu Bus (じょうてつバス).

From Sapporo Station (stop 26): buses 7J, 7H, and 8J (via Ishiyama-chuo: 石山中央) runs to Jozankei (70min) via Koganeyu (小金湯), and bus 7H continues to Hoheikyo-onsen (1hr 24min). The express bus Kappa Liner (かっぱライナー) runs from Sapporo Station stop 27 to Hoheikyo Onsen (1hr) via Jozankei and Koganeyu.

From Makomanai Station (on the Nanboku subway line): bus 12J runs to Jozankei (40min) via Koganeyu.

Donan Bus runs to Jozankei from Toyako-onsen (1hr 50min) via Rusutsu Resort (55min). Compulsory reservation.

Getting Around


For Sapporo Kokusai Ski Area: Daiichi Kanko and Jotetsu buses run from Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo (1.5hr), via Sapporo Station bus stop 27 and Jozankei-Yunomachi (24min). A discounted bus packagencludes round trip bus tickets from Sapporo and a one-day lift ticket. Ask a driver or Sapporo Station ticket office.

For Hoheikyo Dam: From early to late October, free shuttle buses run from Jozankei Tourist Information Center to Hoheikyo Dam’s car park (15min). Take a seiri-ken (numbered ticket) at the tourist information center before you ride.


Jozankei Tourist Information Center
Located in front of Jozankei-jinja-mae (定山渓神社前) Jotetsu bus stop on Route 230. English-speaking staff in here. It has useful maps and a tiny exhibition about the town.

Jozankei-Yunomachi bus stop

定山渓湯の町 | 조잔케이 유노마치

Address:4 Jozankei-onsen-nishi, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:26km from Sapporo