About 2km south of Sapporo Station, Nakajima Park (Nakajima-koen) is the cultural heart of Sapporo, with a concert hall and a few historic buildings.


Nakajima Park


1min walk from Nakajima-koen Station

Popular with locals and students, Nakajima Park contains the scenic pond of Shobu-ike, concert hall, literary museum, gardens and historic buildings. The design is by Japan’s first park master Nagaoka Yasuhei, who also designed Odori and Maruyama parks. It is especially attractive during cherry-blossom (early May) and autumn-foliage (late October) seasons.



6min walk from Nakajima-koen Station

The jewel of Nakajima Park, this ultramarine-blue wooden building was completed as a Western-style luxury hotel in 1881, and the first guest was the emperor Meiji. Restored guest rooms have a fine Japanese celling decoration and Western interior. The elegant cafe makes a great stop for a cup of coffee or tea. Sapporo’s best Japanese garden is adjoining the building.

Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara


7min walk from Nakajima-koen Station

Inside Nakajima Park, the concert hall Kitara has an elegant French pipe organ and seating for 2008 people. It is home to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and also hosts the Pacific Music Festival (PMF), school bands and international soloists. Ticket can be purchased or booked at the box office.

Hokkaido Museum of Literature


6min walk from Nakajima-koen Station

This museum inside Nakajima Park has a collection of novelists and poets who were related to Hokkaido in one room, including letters, manuscripts and magazines. A special exhibition (admission varies) is worth a visit. There is also a basement cafe and a gift shop.

Sapporo Gokoku Jinja


4min walk from Horohira-bashi Station, exit 2

This sizable shrine was established in 1879 and honors Hokkaido’s tondenhei (agricultural soldiers) who died during the Seinan civil war of Kyushu. At the northern edge of the shrine is Shotoku-en garden, a large collection of memorials related to Japanese war victims. It can easily be paired with Nakajima Park.



2min walk from Horohira-bashi Station, exit 1

Just a short walk from Horohira-bashi subway station at the southeast of Nakajima Park, this impressive bridge across Toyohira-gawa has an arched pedestrian bridge (closed in winter) with river and mountain views.



Sapporo Park Hotel


1min walk from Nakajima-koen Station, exit 3

Just a short walk from Nakajima-koen subway station, the 1964 dark-blue hotel overlooks the scenic park from the half rooms. It features a comfy terrace restaurant.

Hotel Mystays Premier Sapporo Park


2min walk from Nakajima-koen Station, exit 1

This 25-storey hotel has city view rooms and onsen. Breakfast buffet with soup curry and vegetarian featuring local ingredients.

Hotel Lifort Sapporo


3min walk from Nakajima-koen Station, exit 1

The elegant public hotel Lifort boasts good-value 210 rooms with a panoramic view of the river or park.


Getting There


The Nanboku Line stops at Nakajima-koen and Horohira-bashi.


Nakajima-koen-dori (中島公園通) is the closest tram stop to Nakajima Park, Hoheikan and Kitara. Gyokei-dori (行啓通) is the closest tram stop to Sapporo Gokoku Jinja and Horohira-bashi Station

Nakajima-koen Station

中島公園 | 나카지마코엔

Address:1 Nakajima-koen, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:1.9km from Sapporo Station