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Long stretching across Hokkaido’s heartland from the mysterious Hidaka Mountains to the deep-blue Soya Strait near Sakhalin Island, Northern Hokkaido (simply called Do-hoku) offers more than 300km of grand mountain ranges, along with the scenic coastal roads from the Ororon Line to the Okhotsk Line.



Hokkaido’s second largest city of Asahikawa lies on the Kamikawa Basin. The city is straddles the clear rivers, with its varied attractions, bustling izakaya, ramen spots, craft studios and home to Kamikawa Ainu.


Daisetsuzan National Park

Known as the Kamui Mintara (Playground of the Gods in Ainu), Daisetsuzan National Park (Nutapukaushipe) is home to great ridges, highland wetlands, deep gorges and international onsen resorts in Northern Hokkaido.


Furano Basin

Stretching across Hokkaido’s middle ground from the dramatic rural village Biei to the tranquility forested Shimukappu, this agricultural basin ranks high on wish list for many travelers.


Nayoro Basin

The peaceful Nayoro Basin spreads alongside Teshio-gawa. A few relaxed places are worth to take a placid time and get their taste of the night sky full of stars.


Rumoi & The Ororon Line

Heading northwards through the coastal road Ororon Line, this long and slim region shows off pleasant sandy beaches, ocean-view campsites and onsen – along with touching sunset over the sea.


Soya & Wakkanai

The northernmost region of mainland Japan, Soya is a dramatic destination for all tourists. With the wildflower gardens, islands and bamboo grass hills as your playground. Wakkanai is a key transport hub of the region.

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