Northwest of Haboro in the Sea of Japan are the remote pair of tiny islands Teuri-to (天売島) and Yagishiri-to (焼尻島), both fishing hamlets offer unique ecosystems and scenic cycling. Both islands, northern part of Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park, can be visited on a day trip from Haboro by ferry.
If you have time, Teuri-to is the better choice for an overnight stay for seabird watching. On both islands there is no public transport but you can hire a bike.


About 25km northwest of Haboro, Yagishiri-to (焼尻島) is something like a remote Scottish island that has a sizable sheep farm, native yew forest and coastal wildflower gardens.

Although it is 4km west of Yagishiri-to, Teuri-to (天売島) plays host to a million seabirds around the scenic coastal cliffs. This tiny island is the world-largest nesting site for Utou (cerorhinca monocerata), and Japan’s only nesting site for very rare Ororon-cho (uria aalge), the region’s symbolic bird. Seabirds arrive in mid March to breed and stay around until mid August.

Yagishiri Historical Museum

羽幌町焼尻郷土館 (旧小納家)

600m from Yagishiri ferry terminal

This semi Western-style wooden house was built in 1900 by a fisherman’s boss. The Kona family ran a general store, accommodation, post and telegraph offices here. Each room has displays on the household implements and old photos. Behind the house is a quiet garden planted with yews. Closed Oct-Apr.

Onko Genseirin


750m from Yagishiri ferry terminal

The inland hills have walking trails (bikes are also available) through the impressive Onko Genseirin (Japan’s largest yew forest) in Hibarigaoka Park (雲雀ヶ丘公園), offering quiet spots such as the Onko-no-Sho with ocean views, parks and mini valleys. The main entrance is about 700m south from the Kohei Kaido Monument on the coast.

Suffolk Sheep Farm


1.8km from Yagishiri ferry terminal

Occupied the central part of the island, you can look over the tranquil sheep farm and its glasslands along the Onko Kaido (オンコ海道) road. At the western end of the road, the hilltop Takanosu Enchi Park (鷹の巣園地) has the best view of Yagishiri-to. From here, the scenic southern coastal road leads to Shirahama Beach (白浜海岸).

Akaiwa Viewpoint


5.6km from Teuri ferry terminal

At the western end of Teuri, about 5km from the port, is a dramatic viewpoint look down on the 48m-high upright rock Aka-iwa, the highlight of the island. The surrounding cliffs are home to a gigantic Utou colony, you will see the countless burrows. Optimal birdwatching timing is dusk from May to July.

Umidori Bird Hide


4.5m from Teuri ferry terminal

About 1km north of Akaiwa Viewpoint, this bird hide on the cliff has binoculars, you can observe umineko (black-tailed gull) and keimafuri (spectacled guillemot).

Kannon-zaki Viewpoint


2.7km from Teuri ferry terminal

This is one of Teuri’s main nesting site for umineko, it offers gorgeous cliffs and ocean views.



All the ryokan and minshuku offer two meals. Many places are closed in winter.

Yagishiri Guesthouse Yasundeke


900m from Yagishiri ferry terminal

Set away from the port up on a hill, this small guesthouse offers dorms for up to 13 people. There is a small kitchen and bathroom. Rates include breakfast.


Getting There


Haboro Enkai Ferry (羽幌沿海フェリー) operates the ferries from Haboro. Ferry services are often halt in bad weather, especially in winter. Check the service status and weather forecast. Ticket offices don’t accept credit cards.

The car ferry Ororon 2 (おろろん2) sails from Haboro to Teuri (1hr 45min) via Yagishiri (1hr). There are one to three daily ferries except on 8 to 26 April.

From June to August (plus 8-26 Apr and late Apr-early May), the hydrofoil Sun Liner 2 (さんらいなぁ2) sails on the same route from Haboro to Teuri (1hr) via Yagishiri (35min) up to three services per day.

Getting Around

On both islands there is no public transport but you can hire a bike (May-Sep). Walking is also recommended.


Yagishi-to: You will find the Rent-a-Cyele Umehara (レンタサイクルうめはら) at the ferry terminal. Rental cars and scooters are not available.

Teuri-to: Rental bikes and scooters are available for hire behind the ferry terminal. Look for the Ororon Rental (おろろんレンタル) and the Wako-maru (和光丸).


Yagishiri-to Tourist Information Desk
Inside the ferry terminal. Left-luggage service and accommodation booking.

Teuri-to Tourist Information Desk
Inside the ferry terminal. Wi-Fi is available.

Haboro Ferry Terminal

羽幌フェリーターミナル | 하보로 여객선 터미널

Address:1-51 Minato-machi, Haboro-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:1km from Engan Bus Honsha Terminal