Development of Asahikawa and its surroundings (Kamikawa Region) began in Nagayama (永山) district during the Meiji period. The place is named after Nagayama Takeshiro, who led local Tondenhei (agricultural soldiers). Nagayama is Asahikawa’s main industrial area, so you can learn about the history and tradition of Asahikawa furniture and sake brewing. JR Nagayama Station is the closest gateway to the area’s main attractions. If you visit the sake brewery museum and the design center from the center of Asahikawa, take the local bus.


The area’s main attractions are a bit far away from the train stations.
Take the local bus from Asahikawa Station or Nagayama Station (Nagayama 2-jo 19-chome on Route 39).

Asahikawa Design Center


2.4km southwest of Nagayama Station on Route 39

Renewed in 2023, this contemporary, large-scale design center has a great selection of made-in-Asahikawa furniture and woodcrafts. There are also attractive design museums, galleries, and workshops. It is definitely a must-see attraction in the city.

Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum


3.2km southwest of Nagayama Station on Route 39

One of Hokkaido’s most famous sake breweries founded in 1899, Otokoyama has a collection of traditional sake producing equipment and historical ukiyo-e (woodblocks) dating back to the Edo period. There is also a tasting room with a souvenir shop.



Hotel Trend Asahikawa


7min walk from Nagayama Station

This roadside business hotel is a convenient base for explore around the town. The closest bus stop is Nagayama 2-jo 18-chome.


Getting There


Get off the train at Nagayama Station.

About 10 minutes by rapid train, or 15 minutes by local train on the JR Soya Line from Asahikawa.


There are many local buses operating from Central Asahikawa to Nagayama district. From Asahikawa Station, take bus 81 (for Sounkyo) from stop 8, or bus 68/70/75/630/666/667 from stop 18 (1-jo 8-chome in front of the Feeeal Asahikawa shopping mall).

Getting Around

The nearest bus stop to Nagayama Station is Nagayama 2-jo 19-chome (永山2条19丁目), also called Nagayama-ekimae, at Route 39 crossroads, about a 5-minute walk from the station. Local buses from Asahikawa, and intercity buses for Monbetsu, Kitami and Kushiro stop here. If you go to Asahikawa Design Center or Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum from Nagayama, catch an Asahikawa-bound local bus.

In Nagayama, there are following bus stops near the tourist attractions:
● Kitakara Honten: Nagayama 2-jo 2-chome (15min from Asahikawa), or Nagayama 2-jo 4-chome (10min from Nagayama 2-jo 19-chome)
● Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum: Nagayama 2-jo 6-chome (18min rom Asahikawa), or Nagayama 2-jo 8-chome (8min from Nagayama 2-jo 19-chome)
● Asahikawa Design Center: Nagayama 2-jo 10-chome (20min rom Asahikawa; 6min from Nagayama 2-jo 19-chome)

If you want to visit Asahiyama Zoo as well, the Asakuru Pass covering all the local Dohoku and Asahikawa Denkikido buses in Asahikawa. Buy the pass at the bus touch ticket office, JR Asahikawa Station tourist information center or the city’s main hotels.

Nagayama Station

永山 | 나가야마

Address:1-jo 19-chome, Nagayama, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:9km from Asahikawa