Hokkaido’s most famous countryside on the distinctive undulating hills, Biei (美瑛) is something like a France’s mini rural village. The picturesque hilly fields spread like a patchwork, you can explore the memorable landscapes from the scenic road network by car, bike or on foot. While Biei is a very easy day-trip from both Asahikawa and Furano. Head further inland, you will find the blue pond and waterfalls around Shirogane Onsen (白金温泉).


There are several rent-a-cycle shops around JR Biei Station (see also Getting Around). Cycling is doable from May to October.
Note: all the private fields and pasture are off-limits. You can enjoy the views from the roads or the viewpoints.

Patchwork Road


3-4hr by bicycle from Biei Station

If you only have a half-day in Biei, this classic road network on the northwest of town give you impressive views over the hillside rural. Four photogenic spots on the road are the Ken and Mary Tree (ケンとメリーの木), the Seven Star Tree (セブンスターの木), the Parent and Child Trees (親子の木) and the Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory Park (北西の丘展望公園). The round-trip walking or cycling from JR Biei Station will take about three to four hours.

Panorama Road


4-5hr by bicycle from Biei Station

On the southeast of Biei is this road network runs across the rolling hills and valleys. The breathtaking view parks are San’ai-no-Oka Observatory Park (新栄の丘展望公園) and Shin’ei-no-Oka Observatory Park (新栄の丘展望公園), fields are beautifully colored by the setting sun. Some places, such as the Christmas Tree (クリスマスツリーの木), is not far from JR Bibaushi Station. The round-trip cycling from JR Biei Station will take about four to five hours.



30min by bicycle from Biei Station / 30min walk from Bibaushi Station

Biei’s most popular flower garden on a scenic hill overlooking the Tokachidake Mountains, Shikisai-no-Oka is popular with group tourists in summer. It is about 2km southeast of JR Bibaushi Station.

Shirogane Blue Pond


20min by bus from Biei Station, get off at Shirogane-Aoi-ike-iriguchi

Biei’s most famous and crowded spot today, the ‘Blue Pond’ (called aoi-ike) can be found about 3km west of Shirogane Onsen along the Shirakaba Kaido. The pond was formed in the construction of the embankment in 1989 and the color of water is usually emerald-green. The best time to visit is late autumn. It is lit up at night during the winter.



1min walk from Shirogane-onsen bus stop

From the Blue River Bridge behind the Hotel Park Hills, you can overlooking this beautiful cobalt blue falls cascading from the middle of a vertical rocks. Shirahige-no-taki is lit up on winter nights. During warmer months, you can walk to the public road of the grand-scale Shirogane Mohan Farm (白金模範牧場).

Biei Shirogane Onsen


26min by bus from Biei Station, get off at Shirogane-onsen

About 20km southeast of Biei passes through the leafy Shirakaba Kaido (white-birch road) is the highland hot sprigs village of Shirogane Onsen sits at 640m. It is an excellent point for a soak after a hike or cycling, as well as hike to the Tokachi-dake Mountains. 



There are many smallish pensions dotted on the agricultural hills, which are a few kilometers away from the town center. Contact to the owners hanging out at the train station if you don’t use a car. If you are overnight in Shirogane Onsen, eat where you stay.

Hotel Lavenir

ホテル ラヴニール

2min walk from Biei Station

Located behind the tourist information center near JR Biei Station, this small hotel is in pole position for explore the town. Twin and triple rooms are spacious and comfortable. Rates includes free breakfast using local ingredients.

Petit Hotel Pie

プチホテル ピエ

3min walk from Biei Station

Conveniently located in the town center of Biei near the JR Station, this good-value mini hotel has ten Japanese- and Western-style rooms with private facilities.

Mori-no-Ryotei Biei 


1min walk from Shirogane-onsen bus stop

This modern Japanese-style lodging occupying its own forest offers 17 comfortable a mix of Japanese- and Western-style rooms, some of which feature private open-air tubs. Meals are kaiseki using local ingredients. There is a communal onsen. Prices include two meals. A free pick-up service from JR Biei Station is available, if you request by the three days before.


Getting There


Biei Station is 30 minutes south of Asahikawa and 40 minutes north of Furano on the JR Furano Line. Bibaushi (美馬牛) Station is one stop south of Biei.


All buses pause at JR Biei Station. Dohoku Bus 39 runs from Asahikawa (48min) and continue to Shirogane Onsen (1hr 25min) and the National Taisetsu Youth Friendship Center (国立大雪青少年交流の家) via Shirogane-Aoi-ike-iriguchi (白金青い池入口). From JR Biei Station, bus 42 also runs to Shirogane Onsen (30min).

Furano Bus Kaisoku Lavender-go (快速ラベンダー号) coaches run seven times daily from JR Asahikawa Station (54min) via Asahikawa Airport (37min), as well as the New Furano Prince Hotel (66min) via JR Furano Station (44min).

Getting Around


There are several rent-a-cycle shops around JR Biei Station, including bicycles, electric bicycles and MTB rentals. Free luggage storage is available for guests, and cycling is doable from May to October. Rates are common to all the rental shops.


Biei Tourist Association Shiki-no-Johokan
美瑛町観光協会 · 四季の情報館
Directly left as you exit JR Biei Station. Staff speak English and has excellent English walking and cycling maps in town. There are coin lockers if you don’t use bicycle. A room for prayer is available.

Biei Station

美瑛 | 비에이

Address:1-1 Moto-machi, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:23km from Asahikawa