Majestic and beautiful, Eastern Hokkaido (simply called Do-to) boasts no fewer than wilderness national parks ideal for climbing, trekking, wildlife watching, getting into the smoothing onsen and learning about Ainu culture.

This area has Japan’s largest wetland, plateau, lagoon and sandbank as well. During midwinter fantastic sea ice covers from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Nemuro Strait.

Obihiro & Tokachi

Crossing the Karikachi Pass, there is real Hokkaido.

The magnificent Tokachi is Japan’s ‘Agricultural Kingdom’, with endress picturesque countryside and beautifully mountain ridges. The nature-rich Northern Tokachi offers soothing onsen, serene lakes, hiking trails and civil engineering heritages.

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Kushiro & Nemuro

These two neighboring regions from Kushiro Shitsugen National Park to the Nemuro Peninsula contains wilderness wetlands, brackish lakes and scenic peninsulas. Atmospheric fishing towns and rustic dairy farms exist side by side, where you can explore these destinations from the foodie port town of Kushiro.

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Akan-Mashu National Park

Picturesque caldera lakes, attractive onsen and lakeside Ainu kotan (villages), Akan-Mashu National Park contains many of Eastern Hokkaido’s classic natural wonders.

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‘The end of the earth’ in Ainu, the finger-shaped Shiretoko Peninsula juts up into the Sea of Okhotsk is spectacularly scenic. Great mountain ridges, shimmering blue water and towering cliffs weave on the peninsula. Today the core area is listed as a Unesco World Natural Heritage Site that provides a fantastic retreat for independent hikers.

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Okhotsk & Abashiri

As its name suggests, this idyllic northeastern region lies along the Sea of Okhotsk. The almost flat shoreline contains Japan’s biggest lagoon, pleasant brackish lakes and wildflower gardens. Roughly around February, pure white ryuhyo (drift ice) from the mouth of Amur River occasionally covers the sea. Two of Okhotsk’s port cities serve as icebreakers and interesting museums.

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