Shari (斜里) is the main gateway for the Shiretoko West Coast and Utoro Onsen along the Sea of Okhotsk. Most travelers from Abashiri or Kushiro pass through this town, but there are picturesque rural landscape views against the mountains.


Shiretoko Museum


20min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

If you have a couple of hours to wait for a bus, Shiretoko Museum should be your first stop. There are exhibitions of local fauna and flora, artifacts and history of the railway. The annex hall features an interesting collection of the sister cities of Shari.

Kita-no-Alp Museum


20min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

Once the company dormitory of Mitsui Norin built in 1961, this museum has a collection of Japanese literary magazine Alp (1959-1983), landscape photographs and paintings. You can purchase some beautiful postcards.

Utoro Onsen ♨︎


50min by bus from Shiretoko-Shari Station

Utoro Onsen is a small but lively port town about an hour by bus from Shari and an excellent base for exploring the Shiretoko Peninsula for all travelers. In winter, you might be able to see ryuhyo (drift ice).



Route Inn Grantia Shiretoko Shari Ekimae ♨︎


1min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

Located directly across from JR Shiretoko-Shari Station, this 8-story chain hotel is a good place to stay if you arrive here by train at night. There is a communal onsen with an open-air bath.

Shari Onsen Yumoto-kan ♨︎


20min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

The traveler-friendly and nostalgic minshuku Yumoto-kan has simple private and dormitory rooms filled with woods. There is an onsen that guests can use for free.

Clione Camp-jo ♨︎


25min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

Operated by Shari Onsen Yumoto-kan (350m north), this popular campsite offers seasonal tent sites and a year-round cottage. Guests can use an onsen at Yumoto-kan.


Getting There


Shiretoko-Shari Station is a gateway for Utoro Onsen. JR Senmo Line runs west to Abashiri (50min) and south to Kushiro (2hr 20min).


Shari bus terminal (斜里バスターミナル) is just outside JR Shiretoko-Shari Station.

The overnight bus Eagle Liner runs to Shari from Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal.

Getting Around


Shari Bus (斜里バス) operates regular buses from Shari bus terminal to Utoro Onsen (50min). During the high-seasons, Shiretoko Airport Liner (知床エアポートライナー) runs to Shari from Memanbetsu Airport (1hr 20min) via JR Abashiri Station (50min) and Abashiri michi-no-eki, as well as Utoro Onsen.


Bicycles can be rented from this photo studio S-Graphy (エスグラフィー), also called Ezox, across from the hotel Grantia near JR Shiretoko-Shari Station. You can drop off the bicycles at Shiretoko Cycling Support in Utoro Onsen. Reservation is a good idea, if you use bicycles on Sunday (except July and August).


Shiretoko-Shari Tourist Information Center
The staff at the tourist information center within JR Shiretoko-Shari Station during the day. Wi-Fi and brochures. There are also coin lockers.

Shiretoko-Shari Station

知床斜里 | 시레토코샤리

Address:Minato-machi, Shari-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:37km from Abashiri