With its picture-book countryside and windproof forests, Kiyosato (清里) is one of the loveliest rural towns in Okhotsk Region that can be easily traveled from or to Shari. It is the main gateway to the majestic Shari-dake, known as the ‘Matterhorn of Eastern Hokkaido’.


Kiyosato Shochu Distillery


20min walk from Kiyosato-cho Station

This rural, municipal distillery produces all its shochu (distilled spirits from local potato), you can do a factory tour for free. The Kiyorl (きよ〜る), at the gateway of the distillery, has a tasting room, shop and cafe.

Uchu Observatory


20min walk from Shiretoko-Shari Station

From the Kiyorl, about 5km cycling in the fields and then highland will lead you to this modest observatory, for best views of Shari-dake and rustic countryside. Closed in winter.

Kiyosato Onsen Hotel Ryokuseisou ♨︎


10min walk from Kiyosato-cho Station

Located in the town center, this public onsen is a good place to soak after the day of play. There is a restaurant and a hotel.



Kiyosato Onsen Hotel Ryokuseisou ♨︎


10min walk from Kiyosato-cho Station

Conveniently located a 10-minute walk from JR Kiyosato-cho Station, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a good public onsen and a restaurant.

Kiyosato Ihatov Hostel


2.3km east of Kiyosato-cho Station

Located in the picturesque hillside fields, this B&B hostel is a good budget option, with simple dorms and private rooms. Dinner is not served here, but the owner can pick you up to the local izakaya and onsen. If you don’t want to walk from JR Kiyosato-cho Station, call ahead.

Raiun Mizu-no-Gakko


5.6km east of Kiyosato-cho Station

Raiun Mizu-no-Gakko is an interesting rental villas that uses the former elementary school teacher’s dormitories. The kitchen has cooking utensils and tableware. It is better to reach there by taxi from the town center.


Getting There


Kiyosato-cho (unstaffed) is the nearest station of Shari-dake. Trains run from Abashiri (1hr) and Kushiro (2hr 10in).

Getting Around


Shari Bus (斜里バス) operates regular buses from Shari bus terminal to Utoro Onsen (50min). During the high-seasons, Shiretoko Airport Liner (知床エアポートライナー) runs to Shari from Memanbetsu Airport (1hr 20min) via JR Abashiri Station (50min) and Abashiri michi-no-eki, as well as Utoro Onsen.


Road bikes and MTB can be rented from the tourist complex Kiyorl (きよ〜る). Late Apr-late Oct. Don’t drink and bike.


Kiyosato Tourist Association Kiyorl
Located at the gateway of Kiyosato Shochu Distillery, this modern complex facility has a tourist information center, shochu tasting room, souvenir shop and cafe. It is a 20-minute walk from JR Kiyosato-cho Station. Check out the good website in English

Kiyosato-cho Station

清里町 | 기요사토초

Address:Mizumoto-machi, Kiyosato-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:49km from Abashiri