The refreshing highland town of Shintoku (新得) is the main gateway of Tokachi Region and has grown into the railway town for crossing the dynamic Karikachi Pass.
This town is famed for high-quality soba. The train station area has some excellent noodle shops and restaurants. It is worth a stopover for lunch.
Shintoku is also Western Tokachi’s main hub for the peaceful lake Shikaribetsu-ko and the surprisingly hidden Tomuraushi Onsen in Daisetsuzan National Park, as well as for Furano in Northern Hokkaido.


The train station’s souvenir shop has free rental bicycles (late Apr-late Oct).

Shintoku-ekimae Onsen ♨︎


1min walk from Shintoku Station

This little public bathhouse to your right as you exit JR Shintoku Station offers onsen water delivered from Tomuraushi by a tank lorry. It is a better place to soak after a stroll.

Shintoku Jinja


10min walk from Shintoku Station

If you are getting on or off the train (or bus) at JR Shintoku Station in the daytime, take a stroll around Shintoku Jinja at the foot of Shintoku-yama (456m). Mid-May is the best time to see cherry blossoms in the grounds.


協働学舎新得農場 ミンタル

2.2km west of Shintoku Station

Run by the Kyodo Gakusha farm crew, Mintal dishes up handmade rich taste cheese, breads, cakes, puddings and ice cream produced by disabled people. It also operates a cafe from April to November.

Shintoku Soba-no-Yakata


5km north of Shintoku Station

Operated by a local soba factory, this roadside restaurant on Route 38, about 5km north of JR Shintoku Station, offers tasty soba noodles from its own farm. The favorites are seiro-soba (cold soba on a flat basket) and tempura soba. There is an English picture menu. It also has a small souvenir shop with a range of soba products from dried noodles to snacks.

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Sahoro Resort Ski Area


12km north of Shintoku Station / 17min walk from Sahoro Resort Hotel bus stop

Eastern Hokkaido’s premier ski resort with 21 slopes and 8 lifts on Sahoro-dake (1060m). Non-skiers also can take the Sahoro Gondola to the summit. On a clear day, you can overlooking the Tokachi Plain. The ski area is about 12km up to Shintoku. Free shuttle buses run between JR Shintoku Station and the Sahoro Resort Hotel.

Karikachi-toge Pass


17km north of Shintoku Station

On the border of former Ishikari and Tokachi provinces, about 17km northwest of Shintoku on Roue 38, there is an observation deck with panoramic views of the Tokachi Plain and surrounding mountains. It is best reached by car or taxi from Shintoku.



There are convenient and budget options near JR Shintoku Station.
You could go for a more pleasant choice in Sahoro Resort, Tomuraushi Onsen, Tomamu or Shikaribetsu-ko.

Sahoro Resort Hotel


11km north of Shintoku Station

The discreet and pleasant hotel lies at the base of Sahoro Resort Ski Area offers cozy Western-style rooms for groups and families. There is a communal spa (not onsen) with open-air baths – in addition to restaurants and laundries. Free shuttles are possible from JR Shintoku Station.

Tomuraushi Onsen Higashi-Taisetsu-so ♨︎


60km north of Shintoku Station

This modern people’s lodge 60km (!) north of Shintoku is a wonderful hideaway sits at the base of Tomuraushi-yama (2141m). Rooms are a mix of Japanese and Western styles. The restaurant serves a variety of good value dishes featuring local ingredients. The very pleasant onsen has large picture windows and an open-air bath facing a small river.

Kuttari Onsen Lake Inn ♨︎

湯宿くったり温泉 レイクイン

14km northeast of Shintoku Station

On the pleasant shore of artificial lake Kuttari-ko, the peaceful Lake Inn has Western- and Japanese-style rooms, with open-air onsen. There are also private villas with saunas overlooking the lake.


Getting There


Limited express trains run to Shintoku from Sapporo (2hr), Obihiro (30min) and Kushiro (2hr). There are also local trains from Obihiro (1hr).


The intercity bus North Liner pauses at the Shintoku Station. Buses depart from JR Asahikawa Station (2hr), stopping at Biei, Furano and the Ikutora Bussan Center (Michi-no-eki Minamifurano). Compulsory reservation.

From Shintoku Station, Takushoku Bus 53 runs to Obihiro (1hr 38min) via Shikaoi-eigyosho (30min).

Getting Around


Every summer from mid July to mid August, there are two buses daily between JR Shintoku Station and Tomuraushi Onsen (1.5hr) via Kuttari Onsen. Basically need a booking online via Takushoku Bus website.


Rental bicycles are available at the souvenir shop Shintoku Stellar Station from 9am to 5pm (late Apr-late Oct).


Shintoku Stellar Station
Inside JR Shintoku Station waiting room, with local souvenirs and brochures. 

Shintoku Station

新得 | 신토쿠

Address:1 Hondori-kita Shintoku-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:176km from Sapporo