Tokachi Region’s capital and transport hub, the modern and lively city of Obihiro (帯広) boasts numerous reputable restaurants, sweet shops and public onsen.
Obihiro was founded in 1883 by the Banseisha’s setters led by Yoda Benzo (1853-1925), the tasks of cultivate the wilderness took a lot of effort.
A well-laid-out city center was modeled on Washington DC, which makes an ideal for strolling. It is hot in summer and cold in winter, plus there are many sunny days.


Obihiro’s top attractions are dotted in Midorigaoka Park and easily walkable from the train station.

Midorigaoka Park


20min walk from Obihiro Station

A 1.4km south of JR Obihiro Station along Koen-odori, this 50-hectare sizable park (opened in 1929) was the site of Old Tokachi Prison founded in 1893. There are museums, sculptures, a zoo and a wildflower garden. You will find the 1900 red brick warehouse of the old prison. A well-landscaped lawn is a great place to break for a picnic.

Obihiro Centennial Museum


16min by bus from Obihiro Station, get off at Midorigaoka 6, then 5min walk

Built in 1982 to mark Obihiro’s centennial, this museum at the west side of Midorigaoka Park houses interesting exhibitions covering the history of the city and Tokachi, archaeological finds and local Ainu culture. It is well worth visiting.

Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art


4min walk from Obihiro Centennial Museum

At the western side of Midorigaoka Park, this museum stages regularly changing displays of woodcuts, landscape paintings and modern art related to Tokachi and Eastern Hokkaido.

Obihiro Zoo


5min walk from Obihiro Museum of Art

This zoo inside Midorigaoka Park houses 73 species and 400 animals such as kangaroos, flamingos, bisons, giraffes and monkeys. They have Hokkaido’s foxes, deers, raccoons, squirrel and seals too. The zoo’s seasonal ferris wheel offers a spectacular view of the city.

Manabe Garden


9min by bus from Obihiro Station, get off at Nishi 4-jo 39-chome, then 4min walk

Run by a local nursery company, this private garden is planted with hundreds specimens of coniferous trees and plants imported from Northern Europe and Canada. Add in ponds, historic buildings and a cafe.

Tokachigawa Onsen ♨︎


25min by bus from Obihiro Station

Tokachigawa Onsen is a pleasant and serene riverside hot spring resort with a variety of accommodation. The moor water contains organic matter of vegetable origin. From December to March, whooper swans congregating on the bank of the river.



Hokkaido Hotel ♨︎


13min walk from Obihiro Station

Obihiro’s finest choice near Midorigaoka Park, this big-name hotel occupying its own forest and offers a variety of well-equipped rooms with either garden or mountain views. There is a great range of restaurants and cafes that serves excellent local cuisines. An onsen is free for guests.

Dormy Inn Premium Kushiro


1min walk from Obihiro Station

Right next to JR Obihiro Station south gate, this modern 11-stoey hotel has a variety of functional and refund rooms overlooking the town in the vast plain.



5min walk from Obihiro Station

The renovated hotel Nupka adds to the city center’s only well-designed bunk-bed dorms, as well as private single and double rooms with toilets and showers. Staff serves coffee and craft beer in the lobby.


Getting There


JR Obihiro Station has coin rockers and a convenient food complex.

● Limited express trains run to Obihiro from Sapporo (2.5hr) and Kushiro (1.5hr).
● There are local trains from Obihiro to Shintoku (1hr), Ikeda (30min) and Kushiro (2hr).
● The scenic JR lines from Kushiro head east for Nemuro (2.5hr), and north for Abashiri (3.5hr).


All intercity buses are compulsory reservation. Obihiro Station bus terminal (帯広駅前バスターミナル) is located north gate of the train station and has excellent information.

North Liner: If you coming from Asahikawa without a JR pass, this intercity bus is more convenient to get in Obihiro (4hr), via Furano (2.5hr) or Sounkyo (2hrs 13min).
Potato Liner: Runs from and to Sapporo (3.5-4hr).
Tokachi Milky Liner: Runs from and to JR Minami-Chitose Station via New Chitose Airport (2.5hr).


Designed by Kurokawa Kisho, the wing-shaped Tokachi-Obihiro Airport (とかち帯広空港) is about 25km south of the city center. Tokyo Haneda (1hr 45min) is the only regularly served destination.

Tokachi Bus operates frequent airport buses to Obihiro Station bus terminal stop 10 (38min) via Old Kofuku Station. Takushoku Bus also operates the airport shuttle to the major hotels in Central Obihiro (32min).

Getting Around


Takushoku Bus (北海道拓殖バス) and Tokachi Bus (十勝バス) operating most bus lines from Obihiro Station.

Budget travelers should buy the good-value Visit Tokachi Pass, covering all Takushoku and Tokachi buses (except intercity buses) in Tokachi Region. Buy the pass at Obihiro Station bus terminal or Obihiro Airport (bring your ID).


From the Eco Bus Center Rikuru (エコバスセンターりくる) inside Obihiro Station bus terminal, you can rent a bicycle, MTB or electric bike. Folding bike can be bring to the bus or train in Tokachi region. Bring photo ID.


Tokachi Tourist Information Center
At the east hall of the Esta shopping mall 2nd floor in JR Obihiro Station, you will find a helpful tourist office with English-speaking staff. There are brochures of all municipalities in Tokachi, English maps and local onsen listings.

Obihiro Station

帯広 | 오비히로

Address:West 2 South 12, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido

Distance:220km from Sapporo