Kenbuchi (剣淵) is known as the ‘Picture Book Village’, which boasts a picturesque rural landscape like patchwork.
If you are going to the “Picture Book Library & Museum”, get off the train here. You can enjoy cycling on the rolling hills during warmer months. Also, it is perfect for family trip. After a day of play, head to Kenbuchi Onsen on the shore of Sakuraoka-ko.


Picture Book Library & Museum


10min walk from Kenbuchi Station

Known as the Ehon-no-Yakata, this egg-shaped pleasant library has about 50,000 Japanese and overseas picture books. There are also small galleries of temporary artwork. Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize is held in August and September each year.

Film ‘Jin Jin” Location Sites


Approximately 16 km round trip from Kenbuchi Station

The highlights here are the Chobo-no-oka Bus Stop (眺望の丘バス停) and Patchwork Hill (パッチワークの丘), located in the beautiful countryside in the southwestern part of Kenbuchi. Hire a rent-a-cycle in the town center.


Kenbuchi Onsen Lakeside Sakuraoka


16min by bus from Kenbuchi Station

Kenbuchi’s only onsen resort offers indoor public baths with a lake view. You can enjoy fishing and camping.



Kenbuchi Onsen Lakeside Sakuraoka


16min by bus from Kenbuchi Station

This onsen is located on the shores of Lake Sakuraoka-ko, where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons.


Getting There


Get off the train at Kenbuchi Station.

About 40 minutes by rapid train, or 50 minutes by local train on the JR Soya Line from Asahikawa.


Dohoku Bus Nayoro Line (Asahikawa – Michi-no-eki Ehon-no-Sato Kenbuchi – Kenbuchi – Nayoro) stops at Kenbuchi, a 5-minute walk from the train station near the Hokuren gas station.

Getting Around


Town–Onsen Shuttle Bus (市街地温泉連絡バス): Kenbuchi Station – Ehon-no-Yakata Picture Book Library & Museum – Pipa Alpaca Farm – Kenbuchi Onsen. 16min.


Rental bikes (rent-a-cycle) in Kenbuchi are generally available from May to October. You can rent bikes at the following places:

● Kenbuchi Tourist Association (only on weekdays)
● Kenbuchi Picture Book Library & Museum
● Michi-no-eki Ehon-no-Sato Kenbuchi (on Route 40)
● Kenbuchi Onsen Lakeside Sakuraoka
● Pipa Alpaca Farm


Kenbuchi Tourist Association
It is located inside the Machi-no-eki (まちの駅). It is closed on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.

Kenbuchi Station

剣淵 | 劍淵 | 겐부치

Address:Naka-machi, Kenbuchi-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:45km from Asahikawa