Nostalgic port towns, world-class ski resorts and dramatic coastlines, both Otaru and Niseko areas are the perfect holiday destinations. 

Released 2017 December 28, 2nd Edition

Length 57 pages

This ebook covers the following destinations

  • Otaru: Explore the nostalgic port town near Sapporo 
  • Yoichi: Tasting Japanese Whisky at the Nikka Distillery or fruit picking at the orchards
  • Shakotan Peninsula: Best known for both its dramatic coasts and cobalt blue ocean
  • Kutchan & Niseko: Japan’s most dynamically changing ski resort with onsen
  • Yotei-sanroku & Rusutsu: Visit the small villages around Yotei-zan
  • Raiden Coast: Follow the scenic byway from Iwanai to Shimamaki
  • Kuromatsunai: A nice place to relax before or after visiting Niseko
  • Oshamanbe: This railway town offers tasty local cuisine

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