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Long stretching across Hokkaido’s heartland from the mysterious Hidaka Mountains to the deep-blue Soya Strait near Sakhalin Island, Northern Hokkaido (simply called Do-hoku) offers more than 300km of grand mountain ranges, along with the scenic coastal roads from the Ororon Line to the Okhotsk Line. The home to Kamikawa Ainu, ramen and sake, Asahikawa is a gateway to Daisetsuzan National Park for great traverse on the dramatic peaks. Further inland is the agricultural Furano Basin, with picturesque countryside, grand-scale ski resorts and real onsen. Keep heading for the four nature-rich remote islands in the Sea of Japan in the warm season.

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Released 3 June, 2019

Length 147 pages

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Special Features

  • Northern Hokkaido Highway & Intercity Bus Routes
  • Travel by Train
  • How to Take the Bus
  • Travel Glossary
  • Useful Phrases


  • Asahikawa, Daisetsuzan
  • Biei, Kamifurano & Tokachidake Onsen, Nakafurano, Furano, Minamifurano & Kanayama-ko, Shimukappu & Tomamu
  • Horokanai & Shumarinai-ko, Asahikawa to Nayoro, Nayoro, Nayoro to Nakagawa
  • Mashike, Rumoi, Rumoi to Haboro, Haboro, Teuri-to & Yagishiri-to, Haboro to Teshio
  • Wakkanai, Sarobetsu, North Okhotsk, Rishiri-to, Rebun-to