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Majestic and beautiful, Eastern Hokkaido (simply called Do-to) boasts no fewer than wilderness national parks ideal for climbing, trekking, wildlife watching, getting into the smoothing onsen and learning about Ainu culture. This area has Japan’s largest wetland, plateau, lagoon and sandbank as well. During midwinter fantastic sea ice covers from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Nemuro Strait. It is a land of sprawling fields and dairy farms, particularly the Tokachi Plain and the Konsen Plateau. Easygoing Obihiro and Kushiro are strongholds of the region’s rich food culture, there are plenty of reputable restaurants and bars in the attractive nightlife districts.

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Released 3 June, 2019

Length 171 pages

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Special Features

  • Eastern Hokkaido Highway & Intercity Bus Routes
  • Travel by Train
  • How to Take the Bus
  • Travel Glossary
  • Useful Phrases


  • Obihiro, Otofuke & Tokachigawa Onsen, Shintoku & Tokachi-Shimizu, Shikaoi & Shikaribetsu-ko, Kamishihoro & Nukabira Gensenkyo, Ikeda & Eastern Tokachi), Southern Tokachi, Tokachi Coast
  • Kushiro, Kushiro Shitsugen & Tsurui, Akan-ko, Teshikaga, Akkeshi & Kiritappu, Nemuro, Konsen Plateau, Shibetsu & Notsuke Peninsula
  • Shiretoko, Shari & Kiyosato, Shiretoko West Coast & Utoro Onsen, Shiretoko East Coast & Rausu
  • Abashiri, Around Abashiri, Saroma-ko, Kitami & Onneyu Onsen, Engaru & Around, Monbetsu, Takinoue