The 70-sq-km picturesque caldera lake Toya-ko (洞爺湖) is a unique tourist spot in the western part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, and there are beautiful islands in the middle of the lake.
On the southern shore, the big active volcano Usu-zan lies behind the lakeside Toyako Onsen. The area’s geological and archaeological sites are designated as Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark. Take at least stay one night off your trip.


The lakeside promenade is made for aimless ambles with nicest views of the islands and Yotei-zan, particularly morning and twilight. You will find some free ashi-yu (footbaths) and te-yu (handbaths) in town. Several hotels allow nonguests to use their onsen baths (¥500 to ¥2000).
From late April to late October, the fireworks set off on the lake at 8.45pm every night.

Toyako Visitor Center
& Volcano Science Museum


2min walk from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

This visitor center has well-presented exhibits with natural history, fauna and flora around Toya-ko. The building is attached to the Volcano Science Museum, which introduces Usu-zan’s volcanic activity relates to the 1977 and 2000 eruptions. It is located near Tōyako-onsen bus terminal.

Toyako Kisen


3min walk from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

Operated all-year round from Toyako Onsen, this 50-minute scenic cruise circles around the south side of Toya-ko. From late April to late October, boats call at Naka-jima (中島), the largest of the lake’s islands with plentiful Ezo-shika deers, where you can see the Forest Museum or hiking the 7.6km circumference footpath. From late April to late October, the fireworks cruise leaves at 8.35pm.

Konpira Crater Promenade


3min walk from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

Begins behind Toyako Visitor Center, this promenade follows the abandoned apartment house, bridge and bathhouse damaged by the 2000 eruption of Usu-zan at the foot of Konpira-yama (309m). From here, a short walk takes you to the rim of two craters overlooking the lake. The 2.3km hike between Konpira Crater Promenade and Nishiyama Craters Promenade takes an hour.

Nishiyama Crater Promenade


3min by bus from Toyako-onsen bus terminal, get off at Nishiyama-yuhodo

At the foot of Nishiyama (543m), this 3km promenade between the former fire station (north gate) and the former kindergarten (south gate) dates after the 2000 eruption of Usu-zan. Constructed by volunteer workers, you can see craters, fumaroles, abandoned buildings and the national highway.



15min by bus from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

Appeared in 1943 (Showa period) in the countryside close to Usu-zan, this 398m-high active volcano is a symbols of the area. The mountain is private property and still actively smoking (not allowed to climb). At the foot of the mountain, Mimatsu Masao Memorial Museum showcases the documents and sketches of Showa-shinzan. Check out the ‘Mimatsu Diagram’.



6min by ropeway from Showa-shinzan car park

One of Hokkaido’s most active volcanoes on the south side of Toya-ko, Usu-zan (737m) has erupted four times since the 20th-century and the last being in 2001. From the foot of Shōwa-shinzan, the Usuzan Ropeway takes you to the top at 540m with a viewing platform. From here, walk seven minutes up to Kakogen Viewpoint to enjoy the caldera view.


Activities & Tours

Mt Usu Ropeway and
Toyako Observatory


1min walk from Showa-shinzan car park

Take a ride on Usuzan Ropeway, up to the UNESCO Global Geopark to visit the active volcano. Savor the moment in the establishments in the geopark, such as the restaurants and souvenir shop.

Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch


1min walk from Showa-shinzan car park

Enjoy a day surrounded by over 100 purebred brown bears at Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch! Get up close and personal with the lovely brown bear via an interesting feeding experience.

Noboribetsu Lake Toya Tour
from Sapporo

Day trip (English / Chinese Guide)

Brings your friends and family to join this exclusive round-trip bus tour from Sapporo! Visit Hokkaido iconic attractions such as Lake Toya, Chikyu Cape, Jigokudani (Hell Valley), and more!



The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort ♨︎

ザ レイクビュー TOYA 乃の風リゾート

7min walk from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

This renovated lakeside resort hotel offers a panoramic view from all rooms, rooftop open-air baths and a buffet restaurant serving local dishes. A free shuttle bus runs from Sapporo Station.

The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa ♨︎


40min by free shuttle bus from Toya Station (compulsory reservation)

At 625m, this grand-scale hilltop resort hotel boasts fantastic views over the lake and the ocean. It is about 12km northwest of Toyako Onsen.

Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex ♨︎

グランヴィレッヂ洞爺 大和旅館アネックス

5min walk from Toyako-onsen bus terminal

A good place to overnight is this budget inn with lake-front Japanese-style rooms. Shared toilets and indoor bathrooms.


Getting There


JR Toya Station (洞爺駅) is about 7km southwest of Toyako Onsen. There are lockers inside the train station.

From Sapporo: 2hr by the limited express Hokuto.
From Higashi-Muroran: 28min by the limited express Hokuto, 45min by local train.
From Hakodate: 2hr by the limited express Hokuto.


Toyako-onsen bus terminal is located near Toyako Visitor Center. There are lockers.

Donan Bus runs from Sapporo (2hr 40min) via Jozankei (1hr 50min) and Rusutsu Resort (40min), with some going directly to Higashi-machi (Sunpalace Resort & Spa). Compulsory reservation.

Frequent local buses run from JR Toya Station to Toyako-onsen (18min via Nishiyama-yuhodo, with some going directly to Higashi-machi (東町: 25min) via Chuo-dori (Nonokaze Resort), Sakura-machi (Toyako Manseikaku Hotel) and Moto-machi (Toya Kohantei).

There are also buses to Toyako-onsen from JR Muroran Station (2.5hr) via Usu, or Sōbetsu via Higashi-machi.

Getting Around


From Toyako-onsen terminal to Toya Mizu-no-eki (とうや水の駅) on the northern shore, local buses run clockwise (via Tsukiura; 30min) and counter-clockwise (via Sobetsu; 47min) around the lake.


Almost the same distance as a marathon, the 43km circumference lakeside road can be done a day by bike. There are 58 sculptures, pleasant campsites, tiny shrines and onsen along the scenic shoreline. Bikes can be rented from the Takayanagi Shokai (高柳商会) opposite Toyako-onsen bus terminal.


Toyako Tourist Information Center
On the ground floor of the bus terminal, with good brochures and maps.

Toyako-onsen bus terminal

洞爺湖溫泉 | 도야코조 온천

Address:142 Toyako-onsen, Toyako-cho, Hokkaido

Distance:104km from Sapporo