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Designated as Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park, this area (formally called Shiribeshi Region) has a variety of nicest attractions, from the impressive coastlines along the Shakotan Peninsula to the world-class ski resorts in the Niseko Mountains overlooking the wonderful Yotei-zan.


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Skiing & Snowboarding on the Niseko United

A generic name for four ski areas on Niseko Annupuri (1308m), which is a world-famous finest powder fascinates every skiers and snowboarders. Each ski area is connected near the summit.

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Traversing the Niseko Mountains

From June to October, get out and stride the perfect hiking trails, such as Numa-meguri Course between Goshiki Onsen and Shinsen-numa linking picturesque marshes and the volcanic mountain Iwaonupuri.

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Onsen Hopping in Niseko

After a hard day of skiing or hiking, getting into the high-quality onsen around the Niseko United ski areas or train stations.

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Cycling Around Yotei-zan

The small villages around Yotei-zan (1898m) boast rural landscapes, fresh vegetables and clear water. From Niseko, you can follow the circumferential road by bike in a day.

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Hiking on Kuromatsunai’s Rustic Footpaths

The pleasant rural town of Kuromatsunai is a nice place to relax before or after visiting the international resort Niseko. Slow your pace and take the time to walk on the footpaths with a countryside view.

TO DO 06

Seeking Out the Whisky & Fishing History in Yoichi

Just 20km west of Otaru, the engaging town of Yoichi is a main gateway to the Shakotan Peninsula and on the route for Niseko. The main attractions here are the Scottish-style whisky distillery and the old fishing houses.

TO DO 07

Cruising the Coastlines on Eastern Shakotan

The northernmost area of Shakotan Peninsula boasts clear cobalt blue ocean with panoramic viewpoints.

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Following the Coastal Byway on Western Shakotan

Shakotan Peninsula’s most favorite pocket, Kamui-misaki is an impressive rocky cape overlooking clear blue ocean. Sai-no-kawara, Benzaima coastal bridges and the picturesque island Benten-jima are good stopover points.



TRAIN: JR Hakodate Line (sometimes called Yama-sen in Japanese) veers north from Oshamanbe to Otaru via Kutchan in Shiribeshi Region. Getting there by local train from Sapporo require a change at Otaru, and a limited express train from Hakodate require a change at Oshamanbe.

BUS: All highway buses from Sapporo for Shiribeshi Region via Otaru and Yoichi (1hr 40min / ¥1050) are operated by Chuo Bus. Main destinations include the Iroha in Niseko Annupuri Ski Area (3hrs), Kaumi-misaki (late Apr-Oct / 3.5hrs) and Iwanai (2.5hrs).

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