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Left Luggage and Baggage Lockers at the station

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When you walk around the town or visit the sightseeing spots from the station, it is a good idea to leave your luggage. Put the minimum necessary belongings (camera, guidebook, pamphlet, shopping bag, etc.) in a handbag or shoulder bag, then leave your bulky luggage in a locker.

Baggage Lockers

Simply called coin-locker (コインロッカー) in Japanese, the coin-operated lockers are installed at the major train stations, such as waiting rooms and passages. At the terminal stations in big cities, such as Tokyo and Sapporo stations, the baggage lockers are also installed inside the ticket gates. If the lockers at the station are full, look for them at the bus terminals, underground malls and tourist information centers.

🔒 Locker with Lock and Key: Standard baggage lockers that accept coins. Many stations do not have change machines, so prepare 100 yen coins in advance.

🔒 Locker with touch screen: You can use a Japanese transportation IC card, such as Suica and Kitaca, instead of a key. Use the touch screen to check the availability and open/close the locker.

Prices: A small size locker costs ¥300 to ¥400 per day, and a large size locker costs ¥500 to ¥700 per day.

Period of Use: At the JR stations, the period of use is within 3 days in principle. If you use a locker inside the station, leave your luggage during business hours.

Note: Make a note of your locker number. If you lose your locker location or lose your key, you can quickly take action. Generally there are no lockers for skis or snowboards at the stations.

Luggage Storage

Some major stations, bus terminals, tourist information centers and bicycle rental shops have luggage storage offices (tenimotsu ichiji azukarisho – 手荷物一時預かり所). Also, some stations have temporary baggage storage facilities during busy periods.

The price is about the same as coin-operated lockers. Note that the opening hours are limited, so it is basically not available early in the morning or late at night.

If you rent a bicycle, you may be able to leave your luggage free of charge. Ask the staff before using coin-operated lockers at the station.