Sapporo to Toyako Onsen on Route 230 | Bus Trip

Constructed in 1870 as the shortest road between Sapporo and Hakodate, Route 230 is one of Hokkaido’s most popular driving routes pass through Jozankei Onsen and Rusutsu Resort. The autumn foliage peaks around Nakayama Pass during October. It is also an alternative route to Niseko from Sapporo.






DURATION 2hrs 40min // TICKET Compulsory reservation // MAJOR STOPS Sapporo Station ● Susukino ● Jozankei ● Nakayama-toge (restroom break) ● Kimobetsu ● Rusutsu Resort Hotel ● Rusutsu ● Toya Mizu-no-eki ● Silo Tenbodai ● Toyako Onsen ● (Higashi-machi) ● (Toya Station) ● (Toyoura Onsen Shiosai-mae)


▶︎ Jotetsu Bus 7 Sapporo Station – Jozankei
▶︎ Jotetsu Bus 8 Sapporo Station – Jozankei – Hoheikyo Onsen
▶︎ Kappa Liner (reserved-seat) Sapporo Station – Jozankei – Hoheikyo Onsen

MAJOR STOPS Sapporo Station ● Susukino ● Koganeyu ● Shiraito-no-taki ● Jozankei Jinja-mae ● Jozankei Yunomachi ● Jozankei ● Hoheikyo Onsen


LEGEND ⬇︎︎ Route Info // ☆ Attractions // ♨︎ Onsen // ☞ Transfer


⬇︎︎ 0min

Sapporo Station 札幌駅前

Sapporo Station is the starting point of the bus to Toyako Onsen. The modern city center has pleasant gridded streets, relaxed parks and handsome Western-style historic buildings.

 JR Hakodate Line (for Otaru) ● JR Hakodate Line (for Asahikawa) ● JR Chitose Line ● JR Gakuen-toshi LineNanboku Subway LineToho Subway Line

☆ Hokkaido University (0.4km)

☆ Old Hokkaido Government Office Building (0.5km)

◎ POP Sapporo-shi 1,970,000

⬇︎︎ 05min Susukino すすきの

⬇︎︎ 22min Minami-koen 藻南公園

⬇︎︎ 48min

Koganeyu 小金湯

Koganeyu is a tiny riverside onsen village that has two day bathing facilities and a reproduced Ainu village. The onsen area is about 200m off Koganeyu bus stop on Route 230. Jotetsu Bus for Jozankei or Hoheikyo stops here.

☆ Sapporo Pirika Kotan (0.5km) Ainu culture promotion center.

♨︎ Koganeyu Onsen (0.5km) Cleanness sulfur spring.

⬇︎︎ 48-58min Shiraito-no-taki 白糸の滝

⬇︎︎ 60min

Jozankei 定山渓

Set on the upper stream of Toyohira-gawa in the northern part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Jozankei is Sapporo’s main onsen resort surrounded by forested mountains. It is well worth a day trip or an overnight from Sapporo for a relaxing. Jozankei bus stop is located near the Hotel Milione on Route 230.

♨︎ Jozankei Onsen Founded by the priest Miizumi Jozan in 1866.

☆ Jozan Gensen Park (0.1km) There is a free ashi-yu (footbath).

☆ Iwato Kannon-do (0.4km) Enshrines 33 statues of kannon in the 120m-long artificial cave.

☆ Sapporo Kokusai Ski Area (20km) Has seven slopes cater to all levels with mountain views.

➡︎ DETOUR: 6min from Jozankei

Hoheikyo Onsen 豊平峡温泉

Sapporo’s best onsen with 100% free-flowing hot sulfur spring, the large-scale open-air bath has good views of the mountains and starry sky. This is the last stop of Jotetsu Bus 7 and the Kappa Liner from Sapporo Station.

☆ Hoheikyo Dam (5km) A 102.5m-high arch dam situated in the scenic valley.


⬇︎︎ 1hr 18min

Nakayama-toge 中山峠

Donan Bus Sapporo–Toyako line makes a 10-minute break at the scenic pass Nakayama-toge Kimobetsu-side car park overlooking Yotei-zan. You can admire good mountain views and buy ageimo (big deep-fried potato).

⬇︎︎ 1hr 30min Sakae 栄

⬇︎︎ 1hr 46min

Kimobetsu 喜茂別

Kimobetsu is a major road junction at the northern foot of Shiribetsu-dake (1107m) where Route 230 and Route 276 collide. You can change buses here to Kutchan via Kyogoku, or Date via Kitayuzawa Onsen. Sato-no-eki Hotto Kimobetsu Aspeila near the bus stop serves local cuisine.

 Kutchan (45min) ● Date (1hr 40min) via ♨︎ Kitayuzawa Onsen (48min)

⬇︎︎ 1hr 53min Izumikawa 泉川

⬇︎︎ 1hr 54min

Rusutsu Resort Hotel

Rusutsu Resort is best known for both its ski resort and amusement park. The 42km-long ski slopes laid out the three mountains look over from Yotei-zan and Toya-ko. There are buses here to Kutchan via Makkari and Niseko Hon-dori.

 Kutchan (56min) via Makkari (16min)

☆ Rusutsu Ski Area (0.1km)

⬇︎︎ 1hr 53min Rusutsu-kogen ルスツ高原

⬇︎︎ 2hrs 00min Rusutsu 留寿都

⬇︎︎ 2hrs 19min

Toya Mizu-no-eki 洞爺水の駅

The tourist complex Toya Mizu-no-eki on the pleasant northern shore of Toya-ko has a tourist information office and a reasonable noodle shop.

Tsukiura (14min) or Sobetsu (32min) continue to Toyako Onsen

☆ Toya-ko (0.1km) Houses charming exhibitions of modern art.

☆ Ukimi-do Park (1.1km) There is a small pagoda on a tied island.

⬇︎︎ 2hr 26min Silo Tenbodai サイロ展望台

⬇︎︎ 2hrs 40min

Toyako Onsen 洞爺湖温泉

Toyako Onsen lies on its southern shore, take at least stay one night off your trip. A lakeside promenade is a good stroll place, with a free ashi-yu (footbath). From late April to October, the fireworks set off on the lake at 8.45pm every night. A Sapporo–Toyako bus continue to Higashi-machi (5min) at the Sunpalace Resort & Spa or Toyoura Onsen Shiosai-mae (30min).

Toya Station (18min) on the JR Muroran LineMuroran (2.5hrs) via Date (50min) ● ♨︎ Noboribetsu Onsen (65min)

☆ Toya-ko Visitor Center & Volcano Science Museum (0.2km)

☆ Toya-ko Lakeside Promenade (0.3km)

☆ Showa-shinzan (398m) Volcanic lava dome appeared in 1944.

☆ Usu-zan (737m) Hokkaido’s most active volcano offers dynamic views and geological sites.

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