Hokkaido Bus Trips

Hokkaido has an extensive network of intercity bus routes, especially from and to Sapporo. Most buses are slightly slower than trains, however prices are cheaper. There are also many local buses in all towns. Bus travel is easy, reliable and safety, so you can create perfect travel all over Hokkaido.

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Hokkaido’s Bus Routes

Sapporo to Toyako Onsen

Otaru to Iwanai on the Shakotan Peninsula

Rumoi to Toyotomi on the Ororon Line

Monbetsu to Wakkanai on the Okhotsk Line

Hakodate to Esashi on the Oiwake Soran Line

Tomakomai to Hiroo on the Thoroughbred Road Hidaka

Obihiro to Hiroo on Route 236

Obihiro to Sounkyo Onsen on Route 273

Nemuro to Shiretoko

Fukagawa to Nayoro on the Shinmei Line

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