Seishun 18 Trips

Travel by Local Train: Sapporo – Kushiro – Nemuro

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Sapporo to Obihiro / Kushiro / Nemuro / Abashiri by local train. This is the main route from Central Hokkaido to Eastern Hokkaido across the Tokachi Plain.

1-day Itineraries

The following itineraries are recommended for a one-day trip with the Seishun 18 Kippu (or Hokkaido & East Japan Pass).

Sapporo → Kushiro

If you are heading to Kushiro from Sapporo via the JR Sekisho Line, you will have to wait over 3 hours for the next train at Shin-Yubari. For that reason, we recommend taking the Yutetsu Bus ↗️ from Shin-Sapporo to Shin-Yubari (extra fares: total ¥2050). In the morning, you can stroll in the center of Sapporo.

When you arrive at Shin-Yubari, be sure to buy snacks or portable food at the supermarket in front of the station in preparation for the long journey ahead. From Shin-Yubari to Shintoku, take the limited express Ozora 7 (non-reserved seat). From there, transfer to the local train bound for Kushiro.

Sapporo d.1236Rapid Airport 126
Shin-Sapporo a.1245
Shin-Sapporo d.1300🚍 Yutetsu Bus
Resta a.1443
Resta d.1449🚍 Yutetsu Bus
Shin-Yubari a.1502
Shin-Yubari d.1530LTD EXP Ozora 7
Shintoku a.1633
Shintoku d.1641Local
Obihiro a.1742
Obihiro d.1757🍱 dinner
Kushiro a.2043

Kushiro → Sapporo

This itinerary starts from Kushiro, but you can start your journey from either Nemuro or Abashiri. Obihiro for lunch. From Shintoku to Shin-Yubari, take the limited express Ozora 8 (non-reserved seat). At Shin-Yubari, the waiting time is nearby 2 hours, so let’s have an early dinner at Kurishita Shokudo (closed on Sunday) with the specialty curry-soba.

At Minami Chitose, you can change trains bound for New Chitose Airport (departing at 1945). If you plan to continue your trip to Hakodate the next day, it would be a good idea to proceed from Sapporo to Kutchan via Otaru.

Kushiro d.1025Local
Obihiro a.1317🍛 lunch
Obihiro d.1441Local
Shintoku a.1536
Shintoku d. 1555LTD EXP Ozora 8
Shin-Yubari a.1652🍜 dinner
Shin-Yubari d.1842Local
Minami-Chitose a.1939✈️
Minami-Chitose d.1945Rapid Airport 197
Sapporo a.2019


We assume no responsibility or liability for the contents of the following timetable. Please check the latest official information beforehand.

Not all services and stations shown.

Between Shin-Yubari and Shintoku on the JR Sekisho Line, the Seishun 18 Kippu, Hokkaido & East Japan Pass and the ordinary ticket holders can take a non-reserved ordinary seat on the limited express train (Ozora and Tokachi) at no additional charge.

Cheap Train Tickets & Rail Passes

Ordinary ticket (over 101 kilometers)

Good value. You can get off the train many times in one direction from the departure station to the arrival station. A limited express train is available for an additional fee.

 Sapporo – Obihiro: Fare ¥4840 (valid for 3 days – daily cost about ¥1613)

 Sapporo – Kushiro: Fare ¥6820 (valid for 3 days – daily cost about ¥2273)

 Sapporo – Nemuro: Fare ¥8800 (valid for 4 days – daily cost ¥2200)

 Sapporo – Kushiro – Abashiri: Fare ¥9680 (valid for 4 days – daily cost ¥2420)

Seishun 18 Kippu

The most popular seasonal rail pass with Japanese tourists, the Seishun 18 Kippu is five flexible days of unlimited travel on local and rapid trains for ¥12,050. It can be shared up to five people. A supplement is payable on the reserved seat (ordinary class) and non-reserved Green Car.

Hokkaido & East Japan Pass

This seasonal rail pass allows unlimited travel on the JR Hokkaido lines and the JR East Japan lines. In addition to it allows unlimited travel on the Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line (Muikamachi – Saigata), the IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway (Morioka – Metoki) and the Aoimori Railway (Metoki – Aomori).

 Hokkaido & East Japan Pass Hokkaido Tokkyu Option-ken Ticket (北海道&東日本パス北海道特急オプション券: ¥6110: Valid for 1 day) that can be used with the Hokkaido & East Japan Pass, which is valid on the Hokkaido Shinkansen (between Shin-Aomori and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto) and JR Hokkaido’s limited express trains (non-reserved seats)

Planning Tips

Due to the long waiting time for connection at Shin-Yubari, it takes about 10 hours from Sapporo to Kushiro. Therefore, consider using a bus in some sections or staying on the way.

If you want to go beyond Kushiro from Sapporo, it is efficient to take the highway bus Potato Liner to Obihiro (with student discount).

Consider using Yutetsu Bus that connects Shin-Sapporo Station (stop 12) and Shin-Yubari Station. The connection with the JR Sekisho Line’s limited express train is good, and there is less wasted waiting time at Shin-Yubari. Particularly, Yutetsu Bus departing from Shin-Sapporo at 13:00 (change buses at Yubari Resta) is convenient.

If you get off on the way and stay overnight, Tomamu is definitely recommended. Limited express trains stop at convenient times for arrival and departure. Enjoy the magnificent view at the Unkai Terrace in the early morning of the green season.

If you leave Sapporo in the evening, you can travel to Urahoro very efficiently. The next morning, start your journey with the first local train to Kushiro.