Seishun 18 Trips

Travel by Local Train: Kokura – Miyazaki – Kagoshima

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Kitakyushu (Kokura) to Kagoshima via Eastern Kyushu’s main cities (such as Oita, Nobeoka, Miyazaki and Miyakonojo) by local train. Along the line, there are many attractions that represent Kyushu, such as Beppu Onsen, Usa Jingu Shrine, Usuki Stone Buddha and Kirishima National Park. From Miyazaki, you can take the JR Nichinan Line to Aoshima, Shibushi and the Osumi Peninsula.


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Cheap Train Tickets & Rail Passes

Ordinary ticket (over 101 kilometers)

Good value. You can get off the train many times in one direction from the departure station to the arrival station. A limited express train is available for an additional fee.

 Kokura – Oita: Fare ¥2530 (valid for 2 days – daily cost ¥1265)

 Kokura – Miyazaki: Fare ¥6160 (valid for 3 days – daily cost about ¥2053)

 Kokura – Miyazaki – Kagoshima-chuo: Fare ¥8140 (valid for 4 days – daily cost ¥2035)

Note: non-reserved limited express train fee between Saiki and Nobeoka: ¥1000

Seishun 18 Kippu

The most popular seasonal rail pass with Japanese tourists, the Seishun 18 Kippu is five flexible days of unlimited travel on local and rapid trains for ¥12,050. It can be shared up to five people. A supplement is payable on the reserved seat (ordinary class) and non-reserved Green Car.