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Japan’s Airport Rail Link

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Japan’s major airports are connected by trains. Railway operators provide highly convenient schedules, speedy trains and punctual services. This article introduces Japan’s airport rail link.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

羽田空港 (HND): Website ↗️

This massive airport is located southeast of Central Tokyo, and is served by the Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho and the Keikyu Railway from Shinagawa.

Tokyo Monorail: It connects Hamamatsucho – Haneda Airport Terminal 3 – Haneda Airport Terminal 1 – Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (journey time: 18 – 25 minutes). Fares from each terminal to Hamamatsucho are ¥500.

Keikyu Railway: It connects Shinagawa – Keikyu Kamata – Haneda Airport Terminal 3 – Haneda Airport Terminal 1 – Haneda Airport Terminals 1·2 (journey time: 14 – 25 minutes).. There are also direct trains to/from Yokohama, Asakusa (Toei Subway Asakusa Line), and Narita Airport.

Tokyo Narita Airport

成田空港 (NRT): Website ↗️

NRT is Japan’s largest international airport located in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, about 60km east of Tokyo. The JR line and Keisei Electric Railway run to/from Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) and Airport Terminal 2·3 Station (Kuko Dai-ni-Biru / 空港第2ビル).

JR Line: The limited express train Narita Express (journey time: 1 hour / Supplement payable) and the rapid train (journey time: 1 hour 28 minutes) run between Tokyo and Narita Airport via Chiba. The fare is ¥1340. Japan Rail Pass is also available.

Keisei Electric Railway: This private railway connects Keisei Ueno with Narita Airport via Nippori. There are two routes, one via the Narita Sky Access Line and the other via the Keisei Main Line, and the fare varies depending on the route.

Narita Sky Access Line (成田スカイアクセス線): Frequent limited express Skyliner (journey time: 45 minutes / Supplement payable) and a few Access Express (journey time 57 minutes) run on this route. The fare is ¥1270. The Skyliner is the fastest train between Tokyo and Narita Airport.

Keisei Main Line (京成本線): The Access Express (journey time: 64 – 80 minutes) runs on this route. The fare is ¥1050. It is the cheapest route between Tokyo and Narita Airport.

Central Japan International Airport

中部国際空港 (NGO): Website ↗️

About 35 km southeast from Nagoya. The Centrair is a marine airport located off the coast of Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, with Chubu Centrair International Airport Station on the Meitetsu (Nagoya Railroad).

Rail Link: The Meitetsu express train μSky (28 minutes / Supplement payable) and the limited express train (35 minutes) run to/from Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

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Kansai International Airport

関西国際空港 (KIX): Website ↗️

About 40km southeast of Osaka, KIX is a marine airport on the Osaka Bay. The JR lines and Nankai Electric Railway run to/from Kansai Airport Station.

JR Line: The limited express train Haruka (supplement payable) runs to/from Kyoto via Osaka. The rapid train Kanku Kaisoku runs to/from Kyobashi via Osaka. The fare between Kansai Airport and Osaka is ¥1210.

Nankai Electric Railway: The limited express train rapi:t (supplement payable) and the airport express runs to/from Nanba (in downtown Osaka near Dotonbori). The fare is ¥950.

New Chitose Airport

新千歳空港 (CTS): Website ↗️

Hokkaido’s airport hub about 40km southeast of Sapporo. JR Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport Station is located on the basement floor of the terminal.

Rail Link: The Rapid Airport runs to/from Sapporo (journey time: 37 minutes / fare: ¥1150). All trains are 6-car trains (also convey reserved seat: price ¥840). Local trains only run early in the morning and at night. When traveling from New Chitose Airport to Tomakomai or Obihiro, change trains at Minami-Chitose Station.

Osaka Itami Airport

大阪伊丹空港 (ITM): Website ↗️

About 12km northwest of Central Osaka. This airport serves only domestic flights. Osaka Airport Station on the Osaka Monorail is attached to the terminal.

Rail Link: The Osaka Monorail runs between Osaka Airport and Kadoma-shi / Saito-Nishi. The fastest route from Osaka Airport to Osaka Station (Umeda) is to transfer to the Hankyu Takarazuka Line at Hotarugaike Station (journey time: 30 minutes). Note that the Osaka Monorail does not have a connection station with the JR line.

Kobe Airport

神戸空港 (UKB): Website ↗️

It is a marine airport located about 8km south of the city center. Kobe Airport Station on the Kobe New Transit is attached to the terminal.

Rail Link: The Kobe New Transit Port Island Line connects Kobe Airport with Sannomiya (in Central Kobe). Journey time is 17 minutes.

Sendai Airport

仙台空港 (SDJ): Website ↗️

About 14km southeast from Central Sendai. The terminal has Sendai Airport Station on the Sendai Airport Railway.

Rail Link: Local and rapid trains on the Sendai Airport Railway run directly to JR Sendai Station every 20 minutes (journey time: 17-25 minutes). When traveling from Sendai Airport to Fukushima or Iwaki, change trains at Natori Station on the JR Tohoku Line.

Yonago Airport

米子空港 (YGJ): Website ↗️

About 11km north of the center of Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture. Yonago Airport Station on the JR Sakaiminato Line is a 5-minute walk from the terminal.

Rail Link: From Yonago Airport Station, the JR local train takes about 30 minutes to Yonago and about 15 minutes to Sakaiminato (runs about every hour).

Yamaguchi-Ube Airport

山口宇部空港 (UBJ): Website ↗️

Located near the center of Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Kusae Station on the JR Ube Line is 500m from the airport (about an 8-minute walk).

Rail Link: From Kusae Station, take the JR local train (runs about every hour) for Ube-Shinkawa (10 minutes), Ube (20 minutes), or Shin-Yamaguchi (40 minutes).

Fukuoka Airport

福岡空港 (FUK): Website ↗️

Kyushu’s airport hub about 5km east of Central Fukuoka. Fukuoka Airport Station on the Fukuoka Subway Kuko Line is attached to the terminal.

Rail Link: From Fukuoka Airport Station, take the subway on the Kuko Line. Many trains run to Chikuzen-Maebaru and Nishi-Karatsu on the JR Chikuhi Line. Journey time from Fukuoka Airport: Hakata (5 minutes / fare ¥260); Tenjin (12 minutes / fare ¥260); Meinohama (25 minutes / fare ¥340).

Miyazaki Airport

宮崎空港 (KMI): Website ↗️

About 5km south of Central Miyazaki. It is attached to Miyazaki Airport Station on the JR Miyazaki Airport Line.

Rail Link: About 12 minutes by JR train between Miyazaki Airport and Miyazaki. In this section, you can take all trains (non-reserved seat) with just a ticket.

Naha Airport

那覇空港 (OKA): Website ↗️

It is an international airport located in the west of Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Naha Airport Station on the Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui Rail) is attached to the terminal.

Rail Link: The Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui Rail) runs to Tedako-Uranishi via Shuri.