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Hokkaido is perfect for canoeing, kayaking and rafting in Japan. Gorgeous coastline, winding waterways and picturesque lakes are serious sailor’s paradise. Many companies offer short and long tours from April to November. You can hire a canoe or a paddle boat on national park’s famous lakes except Mashu-ko.

Fishing (tsuri in Japanese) is popular activity in Hokkaido throughout the year. The 3000km-long coastline, countless rivers and pleasant lakes are amateur anglar’s dream.

Water Sports & Fishing in Hokkaido

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Fishing Rules & Permits

Commonly permits are required if you wish to go fishing on the lakes and rivers. Salmon and masu (trout) fishing are illegal on all rivers and lakes in Hokkaido (catch and release, too).

Local permits (遊漁券: yugyo-ken) can be bought from fishery cooperatives (漁協: gyokyo), fishing shops or tourist offices. Hokkaido Prefecture website details fishing restrictions and rules.

More info (in Japanese) www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/sr/ggk/ggs/turi-r-m/rule-manner.htm