Along JR Nemuro Line there are several trails known as Nemuro Footpaths (根室フットパス) with very well signposted. The tourist office sells English-language footpath maps.

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Points of interests on the Nemuro Footpaths

Getting There

From Kushiro, local and rapid trains (6 daily) on the scenic JR Nemuro Line (it also called the JR Hanasaki Line) run to Nemuro. All trains stop at Attoko and Ochiishi.

Ochiishi-misaki Path

(落石岬パス) At the southern tip of Nemuro is this scenic cape looking over the ocean. A two-hour loop track starting near the beginning of the Old Ochiishi Radio Station (落石無線局跡) built in 1923, taking in pine forest and wildflower gardens. Around mid June, sakai-tsutsuji (rhododendron lapponicum) blooms in the wetland.

The entrance gate of the cape takes about an hour on foot from JR Ochiishi Station (落石駅). The Eneos (8am-6pm, to 5pm holiday; Closed Sun) gas station, 450m south of the train station, sells footpath maps for Ochiishi-misaki and Hamamatsu paths.

Hamamatsu Path

(浜松パス) From JR Ochiishi Station this 8km, 3-hour footpath loop through Hamamatsu’s scenic coastal hills, pine forest, sandy beaches and a fishing village. Wild dosanko (Hokkaido horses) graze in the pastures.

Attoko Path

(厚床パス) Starting at JR Attoko Station or Akesato-Ito Farm, this 10.5km circumference footpath goes along the disused railway track, through the forest and pleasant pastures. The easy 5km walk between the train station and the farm past the picturesque hill is also good.

JR Attoko Station’s bus ticket office sells footpath maps (12.30pm-8.30pm Mon-Sat).

Akesato-Ito Farm (明郷伊藤牧場) has the cafe Glassy Hill (9am-6pm, to 5pm Oct-Apr; Closed 1st & 3rd Wed; Wi-Fi) and the restaurant Attoko (11am-3pm Thu-Mon). If you take a bus from Ito Bokujo-mae, raise your hand on the road.