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Hiking is the perfect summer months activity for an encounter with Hokkaido’s natural beauty. There are excellent marked trails sliced through Hokkaido’s national parks and footpaths.

The hiking season runs from June to October in most parts of Hokkaido. All national parks are crowded with hikers during summer months; book accommodation early.

Hiking in Hokkaido

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Climbing Plans & Trail Safety

We strongly recommended submit a climbing plan. You can send it online from Compass www.mt-compass.com/hokkaido.php to the local police.

The mainland Hokkaido is a habitat of big higuma (brown bears). They are often act in the early morning and around dusk, and a few of them are agressive against people. So serious hikers need to bring a kuma-yoke (bear bell) and a steel food bin. Many kita-kitsune (Ezo red foxes) still have Echnococcus multilocularis. Don’t touch them and drink river water.

Most outdoor equipment and national park’s hiking maps can be purchase at outdoor shops in Hokkaido. A mobile restroom kit (keitai toire) is one of must-haves for grand traverse.