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Hokkaido is good for cycling in summer months. Most roads are well-maintained and signposted. Among the popular roads to cycle are the Ororon Line and Route 273. Biei offers superb and easy-going cycling adventure on the picturesque hilly roads. The cycling season is from May to October.

Cycling in Hokkaido

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Bicycle Rentals In many towns bicycles (rent-a-cycle) can be hired from tourist offices (prices vary), as well as a few bike shops and accommodation. If you are looking for bicycle rentals, ‘Rent-a-cycle wa arimasuka?’ is the useful phrase anywhere.

Bicycles on Public Transport Wrapped folding bicycles can be carried on all trains (free), subways (free) and several buses (free or surcharge). You can take your bike on most ferries with a surcharge. Avoid rush hours.