Hokkaido | What’s New After COVID-19 Pandemic

Hokkaido’s tourism situation has changed significantly after COVID-19 pandemic, especially the travel style is completely different (such as New Hokkaido Style). While the border is virtually closed from 2020, new tourist attractions and hotels continue to grow. We have put together a series of new trends.

(this page will be updated from time to time)

New Hokkaido Style

In 2020 Hokkaido Government has formulated the ‘New Hokkaido Style’ as part of infection prevention measures:

  • Wear a Mask

  • Wash Your Hands

  • Speak Softly

  • Keep a Safe Distance

  • Avoid the three C’s : closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings

  • Use the Hokkaido Corona Notification System and the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming App (COCOA)

  • Choose an accommodation and restaurant that practices infection prevention measures

For more reliable and the latest information regarding COVID-19, check the Hokkaido Government official website.

Upopoy Ainu National Museum and Park

Hokkaido’s first national museum at the southern shore of Poroto-ko in Shiraoi, the Upopoy (ウポポイ) comprises the National Ainu Museum and open-air cultural complex that has exhibit of the history and culture. The official website is

Multipurpose Train Hamanasu

In 2020 JR Hokkaido produces the new multipurpose diesel train Hamanasu (はまなす編成) based on the Kiha 261 limited express train series. It has four basic cars and a wood interior lounge car. The Hamanasu train may be operated as a limited express.

Cycle Tourism

After the pandemic, cycling is attracting attention as one of the fun outdoor activities that can avoid the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings). A number of cities and rural towns offer bike rentals at the tourist information centers from May to October. The full list of bike rental service is (in Japanese).

Camping Boom

Hokkaido is experiencing probably its biggest camping boom in a few decades. It is not uncommon for hundreds of groups to visit campsites in the rural area. For that reasons, there are admission restrictions in some places to avoid excessive crowds. Don’t forget to take preventive measures.

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