Hotels & Lodging in Shinshinotsu

Shinshinotsu Onsen and Shinotsu Park campsite are the only places to stay in the village. Weekends and holidays are often crowded, plan your trip on weekdays.

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Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu-no-yu

On the pleasant shoe of Shinotsu-ko, Tappu-no-yu features a wide open-air onsen with yellow-brown cloudy hot water. Lakefront rooms have private balconies or patios.

▶︎ しんしのつ温泉たっぷの湯 ● 45 Kita-2


Shinotsu Park Camp-jo

One of Ishikari Region’s most popular and busiest campsites on the shore of Shinotsu-ko next to the Tappu-no-yu, Shinotsu Park camp-jo offers a rental tent (¥5000), sleeping bag (¥1000) and barbecue tool (¥1500). It also has permanent tents (from ¥9000 per person: book ahead) with two meals and onsen tickets. No reservation required for the campsite (up to 200 tents for infection prevention measures).

▶︎ しのつ公園キャンプ場 ● 46 Minami-3 ● Camping May-Oct // Glamping throughout the year

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