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Soba & Udon

Hokkaido is Japan’s largest soba (そば/蕎麦: buckwheat) noodles producing area. Udon (うどん: thick noodles made of wheat flour) is not popular than soba in Hokkaido, but local udon is high quality as well.

Both soba and udon are often served cold (tsumetai: zaru-soba/-udon) and hot (atatakai: kake-soba/-udon) throughout the year. High-quality noodle shops may be served teuchi (handmade) soba or udon. Many soba-ya (soba restaurants) also serve tempura.

Hokkaido Plus’s Top Choices

Shintoku Soba-no-Yakata (新得そばの館) Operated by a local soba factory, this roadside restaurant offers tasty soba noodles from its own farm. The favorites are seiro-soba (cold soba on a flat basket) and tempura soba.

Chikurouen Azumaya Sohonten (竹老園東屋総本店) Close to the western shore of Harutori-ko (in Kushiro), Azumaya is one of Hokkaido’s most famous soba restaurants founded in 1874. Choose from a variety of soba, such as cha-soba (green tea into a paste), rangiri-soba (egg into a paste) and ten-zaru (cold soba with tempura).

Okada Kosetsu-tei (おかだ香雪亭) This atmospheric soba restaurant is housed in the former Okada House (in Asahikawa) with a mix of east and west interior and a lovely garden, built in 1933. They serves handmade soba noodles (from ¥1000) and tempura using Hokkaido ingredients.

Ichiro Shokudo (一路食堂) This shokudo prepares tasty black-colored soba (hot or cold) in Otoineppu.

Shimakawa Shokudo (志満川食堂) It is housed in Mashike’s oldest house built in 1892. The speciality of here is the nishin-oyako-soba (buckwheat topped with herring and its roe).